What to Write in a Scrapbook for Your Best Friend: Unveiling Creative Scrapbook Ideas

What to Write in a Scrapbook for Your Best Friend: Unveiling Creative Scrapbook Ideas

Making a scrapbook for your best friend is a thoughtful way to celebrate your friendship and create lasting memories. But knowing what to write can be tricky. This complete guide is packed with scrapbook ideas, writing tips, cute quotes, and creative inspiration to make an awesome best friend scrapbook they’ll treasure forever.

Introduction to Best Friend Scrapbooks

Best Friend Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are a special way to document memories and tell meaningful stories. For your best friend, a scrapbook allows you to reminisce on all the amazing times you’ve had together and express what the friendship means to you.

A best friend’s scrapbook is also a wonderful gift for a birthday, graduation, or just because. It shows you put thought, time, and effort into commemorating your unique bond.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an incredible scrapbook for your BFF including:

  • Fun scrapbook ideas like themes, layouts, and creative content
  • Touching quotes about friendship to include
  • Tips for writing heartfelt journaling and captions
  • Places to find inspiration if you get stuck
  • A checklist to complete your scrapbook

Follow along for plenty of help to craft a meaningful, one-of-a-kind scrapbook your bestie will treasure!

Brainstorming Scrapbook Ideas for Your BFF

Brainstorming Scrapbook Ideas for Your BFF

The first step to making your bestie’s scrapbook is deciding on the theme and content. Here are some scrapbook ideas to ignite your creativity:

Pick Meaningful Themes

Themes add cohesion to your scrapbook layout and help convey the emotion behind your friendship. Some ideas include:

  • Inside jokes between you two
  • Favorite memories together like trips, concerts, or parties
  • Nickname or phrases you call each other like “partners in crime”
  • Your superlative if you were in the yearbook together like “most likely to travel the world”

Highlight Your History

Reminisce on special moments in your friendship timeline. You can document:

  • How/when you first met
  • Funny childhood stories
  • Major life events like graduations, big moves, relationships, etc.

Showcase Shared Interests

Feature things you two love to do together like:

  • TV shows/movies you geek out over
  • Hobbies like hiking, baking, gaming, etc.
  • Places you like to eat, shop, or explore
  • Inside jokes and quotes

Go Theme by Theme

Dedicate different pages or sections to your favorite themes like:

  • Foodie friends – favorite restaurants, recipes, and kitchen adventures
  • Adventure squad – epic trips and photo ops from hikes or nights out
  • Pop culture gurus – your best fan moments, cosplay, or merchandise

Mix and match to highlight all the facets of your friendship!

Sweet Quotes to Include in a Best Friend Scrapbook

Sweet Quotes to Include in a Best Friend Scrapbook

Adding touching quotes about your bond, friendship itself, or cute sayings you two use is a heartfelt touch. Here are some meaningful phrases to sprinkle throughout your scrapbook:

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” – William Shakespeare

“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” – Unknown

“A best friend is someone who makes you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better.” – Unknown

“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” – Elie Wiesel

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” – Euripides

“Friendship isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things.” – Unknown

Sprinkle in a few jokes or funny shared phrases too. The options are endless!

Tips for Writing Captions and Journaling

Tips for Writing Captions and Journaling

Captions and journaling are essential for storytelling in your scrapbook. Take advantage of blank space on pages to express what this friendship means to you.

Pull Out Your Best Memories

Recount your all-time favorite stories and relive the laughs, smiles, and good times. If you two have inside jokes – explain them! Your own personalized stories and bond are what make this scrapbook special.

Get Specific With Details

Don’t just say “We had fun at that concert!” Provide vivid details like the venue, name of the band, best songs, cute outfits, people you met, etc. Imagery and specifics help capture the memory clearly and make you feel like you’re back in that moment.

Write From The Heart

Share personal thoughts on how much this friendship means to you. Be as sentimental, funny, sweet, or playful as feels natural. No need to overthink it – just let your special bond shine through.

Use Free Space Creatively

Journaling doesn’t have to be paragraphs. Fill spare spots on pages with single whimsical phrases, decimals, quotes, or quick stories. Get creative with fonts, washi tape, and hand lettering too.

The key is writing content you two will understand and enjoy rediscovering later. Have fun with it!

Where to Find More Scrapbook Inspiration

If you need an extra spark of inspiration along the way, there are endless places to ignite your motivation and creativity!


Scrapbook Inspiration

Pinterest has a wealth of scrapbook page ideas and craft concepts. Search specific themes tailored to your friendship like “foodie scrapbook” or “friendship scrapbook layouts” to discover creative page designs.


The old saying “take a look, it’s in a book” applies here! Look through best friend scrapbook listings on Etsy to gather arrangement ideas and see examples of cute quotes and journaling.

Scrapbook Stores

Walk the aisles of your local craft store scrapbooking section and let products spark ignitions. Washi tape, patterned paper, craft embellishments, and stickers can generate ideas for bringing themes to life.

Memory Sparks

Sit down together and rattle off favorite memories, inside jokes, or meaningful moments in your history. Record them on video or voice memo to refer back to. Rediscovering special details about your bond is key to writing authentic, personal journaling.

Other Scrapbooks

Ask family or friends if you can take a peek inside any friendship or best friend scrapbooks they’ve created. While you want yours to stay unique, this can demonstrate how to effectively translate anecdotes and express heartfelt emotion through journaling.

Essential Supplies for Putting It All Together

Essential Supplies For Scrapbook

A few key craft supplies take your pages from scattered to artfully collected. Here’s a checklist of scrapbook essentials:

✅ Acid-free archival scrapbook paper – the thick, cardstock kind to preserve longevity

✅ Scrapbook glue stick or double-sided tape

✅ Corner rounder punch – to give professional rounded edges for a polished look

✅ Decorative edged scissors – for trimming photos and paper into fun designs

✅ Assorted stickers – phrases, icons, hearts, emoji etc to embellish

✅ Washi tape – perfect for adding color pop borders or sectioning pages

✅ Pen and journal set – for writing captions and adding detailed quotations

✅ Highlighters, glitter pens, mini stamps – to jazz up titles, dates or lettering

Picking products in your bestie’s favorite colors amps up the personalization even more! Add any hobby supplies catered to the themes featured too.

Preserving Your Memories in an Album

Once your scrapbook pages are complete, it’s time to safely store them for years to come! Here are some binding options so your special keepsake stands the test of time:

Post-Bound Album

This classic scrapbook album has screw posts on thick, padded covers to securely hold page protectors in place. Sturdy, and excellent for frequently adding future pages too.

Strap-Bound Album

A leather or fabric strap wraps vertically around album covers and through reinforced holes in scrapbook paper edges keeping contents secured. Similar functionality to post-bound but with a trendy, boho vibe.

Adhesive Bound Album

Pages permanently adhere to an album based in this design. Great for a sleek, polished look but less flexibility if you want to rearrange down the line. Best for smaller albums with set page counts like a 20-page brag book.

DIY Binding

Get crafty with ribbon, metal rings, glue, and creativity for your own custom binding technique. An inventive approach for a scrapbook bursting with pages or made from an unconventional base like a notebook or box.

No matter which approach you choose, storing those one-of-a-kind pages in an album preserves your memories and craft a lifetime of reminiscing over your most magical friendship moments!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Friend Scrapbooking

Still, have lingering questions about making your BFF the best darn scrapbook ever? Here’s more insight into the most common sticking points:

How Many Pages Should a Best Friend Scrapbook Be?

There’s no “right number” for scrapbook page count. Aim for whatever feels sufficient to tell your special stories! Typical sizes are 20 to 80 pages. Mini books for quick gifts can be as few as 5 pages while extensive multi-year friendversary scrapbooks have 100+.

What’s Better – Digital or Paper Scrapbooking?

Another personal preference! The paper has that nostalgic, crafty appeal. But digital apps like Mixbook offer unlimited editing and simplify adding future memories. Many friendship scrapbookers do both – digitally designing pages and then ordering professional prints for an album.

Do You Need to Be Crafty to Make Scrapbooks?

Not! While advanced techniques exist, beginner scrapbooking relies more on creativity than innate artistry. Focus on telling your story through photos, captions, embellishments, and memorabilia first. Skill comes later as you learn what unique touches capture your bond best.

How Do I Involve My Friend in Making Their Scrapbook?

Making something for your BFF is very sweet. But including them in parts of the process adds more meaning and personalization. Ask for their input on themes, favorite memories, or DIY collaboration on pages. Or keep your work secret and make the big reveal with their scrapbook gift!

Putting the Final Touches on Your Best Friend Scrapbook

You did it – the pages are complete with photos, dazzling designs, and touching journaling! Now finish strong with final embellishing flourishes:

✅ Add gold leaf accents or corner protectors to dress up page edges

✅ Feature fun pocket pages to tuck memorabilia like ticket stubs inside

✅ Affix custom charms with engravable dates, symbols, or initials

✅ Tie memories together visually with coordinated ribbons between pages

✅ Gift gorgeous gel pens for your BFF to keep journaling in the future

✅ Include an index/table of contents organizing pages and highlighting main themes

Take time to thoughtfully tie up loose ends. It elevates your work from a scrapbook to a priceless art piece and loving dedication to friendship!

Presenting Your Best Friend Scrapbook with Flair

Friend Scrapbook

You lovingly brought this scrapbook into the world page by magical page. Now give the big reveal the dramatic flair it deserves!

Plan a Hand-Off for Maximum Impact

Don’t just hand your BFF the scrapbook with a casual “I made this for you.” Plan an experience around the unveiling! Ideas include:

  • Scrapbook viewing dessert party – Provide their fave sweets as you walk through it together page by page
  • Scavenger hunt – Hide clues guiding them to the finished album for a fun reveal
  • Special venue viewing – A meaningful location for your friendship like where you first met or have inside jokes
  • Big milestone marker – Tie it into a special event like a graduation, birthday, move, etc. for extra meaning

Make the initial view as memorable as what’s inside!

Record Their Reaction

Seeing your bestie’s genuine reaction is priceless. Capture the magic in photos or videos so you can relive that pure joy again and again.

Leave a Spot for Them to Add a Note Back

Include an envelope or dedicated page for your BFF to add their note back to you. It lets them reciprocate some of the love while kicking off the scrapbook’s future as you continue making memories together!

However you handle your final scrapbook reveal, do it up big to celebrate all the effort and love packed inside. Cheers to friendship and the adventures you’ll keep documenting in this scrapbook long into the future!

More Scrapbook Inspiration Awaits!

I hope this guide sparked lots of ideas for crafting an incredible best friend scrapbook bursting with love, laughter, and priceless memories.

For even more inspiration, check out my other posts on scrapbooking themes, journaling tips, and creative layouts. I also cover tutorials if you want to expand your artistic skills.

And if you make a best friend scrapbook you’re proud of, share photos in the comments below or tag me on social media @YourHandle. I’d love to see your work and feature it as inspiration for others to come!

Now get scrapbooking and make something your BFF will cherish. Those one-of-a-kind friendship memories deserve to be preserved and celebrated in glittery, girly style!

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