Vacation Rental Welcome Book: How to Create the Perfect Guest Book for Your Vacation Home

Vacation Rental Welcome Book: How to Create the Perfect Guest Book for Your Vacation Home

A vacation rental welcome book is an incredibly useful tool for hosts to provide a warm welcome and helpful information to guests. A well-crafted welcome book can set the tone for a great guest experience, make your rental stand out, and help lead to 5-star reviews.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create the perfect welcome book for your vacation rental property.

What is a Vacation Rental Welcome Book?

A welcome book is a guide provided to guests staying at a vacation rental home. It contains important details about the property and local area to help guests enjoy their stay.

Vacation Rental Welcome Book

A welcome book serves several purposes:

  • Provides a warm welcome and makes guests feel at home
  • Sets clear expectations by covering house rules, instructions, and policies
  • Share local recommendations and insider tips
  • Answers frequently asked questions
  • Allows for a self-service guest experience

With a welcome book, guests can get the information they need without having to contact you as often. This allows them to settle in faster and creates a better guest experience.

Why Create a Guestbook for Your Vacation Rental?

Guestbook for Your Vacation Rental

Here are some of the top benefits of providing a welcome book:

Makes Guests Feel Welcome

A thorough welcome book makes guests feel like they’ve thought of everything. It shows them you care and helps them enjoy their vacation rental experience.

Sets Clear Expectations

The welcome book allows you to communicate important details like house rules, checkout procedures, emergency protocols, and more. This prevents confusion down the line.

Provides Local Intel

You can include your favorite local destinations, restaurants, activities, and more. This helps guests quickly get their bearings in the new area.

Saves You Time

With a welcome book, guests can find answers to common questions on their own. This reduces the number of messages and calls you receive during your stay.

Leads to Better Reviews

Guests appreciate having a helpful guidebook. A welcome book shows you’ve gone above and beyond, which leads to better reviews and ratings.

Creates a Consistent Experience

The welcome book allows you to standardize the guest experience across all your vacation rental properties.

Serves as a Marketing Tool

A professional welcome book also helps showcase your rental. If guests love it, they may recommend your listing or become repeat customers.

What to Include in a Vacation Home Guest Book

What to Include in a Vacation Home Guest Book

The specific contents of your welcome book will vary based on your rental details, amenities, location, and guests. But here is a general overview of sections to consider including:

Welcome Letter

Start with a warm greeting introducing yourself as the host. Thank guests for choosing your rental and share your excitement for their upcoming stay.

House Rules

Explain any house rules or policies around noise, pets, parking, smoking, parties, etc. Also, share checkout procedures.

Instruction Guides

Provide instructions on using appliances, electronics, pool/hot tub, fireplace, BBQ, etc.

Local Recommendations

Share your favorite local attractions, restaurants, activities, parks, beaches, trails, shops, entertainment, tours, etc. Include maps and directions.


Answer frequently asked questions about Wi-Fi, garbage, extra towels, yard maintenance, snow removal, etc.

Emergency Info

Provide emergency numbers and your contact info. Share procedures for maintenance issues, medical emergencies, severe weather, power outages, etc.

Area Guide

Include guides to nearby grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, hospitals, and other key businesses. List their locations, hours, phone numbers, and directions.

Helpful Tips

Share insider local knowledge, like using bear boxes or being alert for wildlife. Provide sun safety tips if beachfront. Warn about poison oak on trails.

Meet the Team

If you use a property management company or cleaning service, introduce key team members. Include photos and bios so guests can put a name to the face.

Welcome Book Formats: Print, Digital, or Both

Welcome Book Formats

You have a few options when it comes to the format of your vacation rental welcome book:

Printed Welcome Book

A printed welcome book can be left on the kitchen counter or coffee table for guests to flip through. While printing and assembly take more effort, guests often appreciate having a physical book.

Pros: Traditional book feel, easy to reference, no tech required

Cons: Time-consuming to print and assemble, can’t easily update info

Digital Welcome Book

A digital welcome book can be emailed to guests in advance and accessed via QR codes or links in the rental. They’re easy to update but may lack the special feel of a physical book.

Pros: Easy to update and alter, eco-friendly, interactive features

Cons: Impersonal feel, requires internet and tech to view

Print and Digital Combo

You can provide both a printed book and a digital copy to cater to all guests. Print an abridged version with key info, and share the full digital guide via email and QR codes.

Pros: Caters to all guest preferences, reduces printing effort

Cons: Added effort to manage both formats

Think about your target guests and property setup to choose the best format(s) for your welcome book.

Welcome Book Ideas and Best Practices

Follow these tips to create an awesome, effective vacation rental welcome book:

  • Use photos: Include lots of images of your property, local attractions, maps, etc. This engages guests and breaks up large sections of text.
  • Focus on local: Guests want insider knowledge from local, not generic internet search results. Share your personal favorites.
  • Make it skimmable: Use section headers, lists, and emphasis on key details so guests can easily skim and find info.
  • Highlight safety info: Emphasize any critical details like poisonous plants, wildlife risks, weather hazards, or emergency protocols.
  • Provide multiple access points: If digital, use email access, QR codes, in-rental tablets, etc. Make it readily available.
  • Think convenience: Include details like Wi-Fi passwords and garage codes on a printed sheet for quick reference.
  • Add a personal touch: Start with a warm, sincere welcome letter in your voice. Guests appreciate personal interactions.
  • Focus on benefits: Don’t just list features, explain the benefits and experience guests can expect from them.
  • Make it welcoming: Use warm, inviting language focused on the guest experience vs stiff policies and procedures.
  • Provide options: Cater to different guest needs by listing quick service vs high-end restaurants, simple vs advanced hiking trails, etc.
  • Proofread carefully: Double-check for typos, outdated info, broken links, and formatting issues before finalizing.

Welcome Book Design Tips and Tools

If creating a printed welcome book, pay careful attention to the design:


  • Use large text and whitespace to improve scannability
  • Break content into clear sections using borders, icons, colors, headings, etc.
  • Strategically place key info like Wi-Fi codes for easy access
  • Use visual hierarchy – make important sections prominent


  • Stick to simple, readable fonts like Arial or Helvetica
  • Use at least 12pt font size for the main text
  • Make key info and headers larger or bold
  • Limit to 2 main fonts for consistency


  • Include photos of your rental, local sights, maps, infographics, etc.
  • Add visual dividers/borders between sections
  • Use icons to draw attention to key information


  • Design in Canva for an easy drag-and-drop layout
  • Print from Adobe InDesign for multi-page booklets
  • Print double-sided and use a spiral coil, staples, or sleeves

Digital Welcome Book Tips

For digital welcome books, optimize the format for easy mobile access:

  • Use a clean, simple layout compatible across devices
  • Make it easy to jump to sections with linked tabs or a clickable menu
  • Host it on a platform like Dropbox Paper or Google Docs for easy access
  • Ensure any links, videos, or features work properly
  • Provide print-friendly versions in case guests want to print certain pages

Vacation Rental Welcome Book Template And Examples

For inspiration, look at examples from other successful vacation rental owners:

There are also various welcome book templates available online to customize:

Look for templates that match the style of your rental and customize them with your content.

Distributing Your Welcome Book to Guests

Distributing Your Welcome Book to Guests

Once your welcome book is ready, share it effectively:

For printed books:

  • Leave a copy on the kitchen counter, coffee table, nightstand, etc.
  • Mention it is available in your pre-arrival email
  • Highlight the location in your initial tour or walkthrough

For digital books:

  • Email a PDF copy after booking
  • Include a link in pre-arrival emails and texts
  • Set up rental tablets or TVs to display the digital book
  • Place QR codes linking to the book around the rental

This ensures guests are aware the welcome book exists, know where to find it, and can access it throughout their stay.

Examples of Great Vacation Home Guestbook Entries

The best way to get inspired for your own rental guestbook entry is to read examples from past travelers. Here are excerpts from highly creative guestbook messages:

Poetic Entry

To the owner of this gem, we send our warmest thanks,
For providing a space where our family created memories and laughs.
The views were astounding, the hot tub relaxing,
And we couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to enjoy your housing.
We wish you the best and hope to come back again,
To make more memories in this wonderful den
Thank you sincerely for opening your home,
The Johnsons enjoyed our stay, never felt more at home!

Humorous Awards Entry

The Johnson Family Awards:

Coziest Bedroom – The master suite up in the loft
Best View – The huge panoramic window in the main living room
Most Enjoyed Amenity – The amazing outdoor hot tub overlooking the lake
Best Rainy Day Activity – Playing board games at the dining room table next to the windows
Most Useful Appliance –The kitchen’s waffle maker for our Sunday brunch feasts
Best-Stocked Amenity – The movie and board game collections in the living room

Thank you for an amazing week making memories in your beautiful home!

Gratitude Letter Entry

Dear Owner,

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your wonderful vacation home this past week. This was our first time renting a full home instead of just a hotel room, and we could not have been happier with the experience.

We so appreciated all of the thoughtful touches around your home—the s’mores kit for campfires, the amazing movie collection, the cozy blankets everywhere. The house was so well-stocked, the location was gorgeous, and the home was decorated perfectly. Our kids have already asked if we can come back next year!

Our week here was so relaxing and meaningful. Thank you again for providing this beautiful oasis for our family. We will cherish the memories made here for years to come.

The Anderson Family

Ideas for Guestbook Entries Based on Occasion

Occasion Guestbook Entry Ideas
Family vacation – Note favorite memories made with your kids/family
– Include photos of the group
– Give awards for family members
– Describe activities enjoyed together like game nights
Romantic getaway – Note favorite features that made the setting romantic
– Describe favorite moments spent with your partner
– Include poems, drawings, or photos memorializing your trip
Girl’s trip – Give awards for funniest, most adventurous, best cook, etc.
– Share funny stories that happened
– Describe favorite aspects for a girl’s trip like spa bathroom, wine cellar, etc.
Solo writing retreat – Share accomplishments and progress made on your writing goals
– Note which features fostered productivity and creativity
Friend reunion trip – List highlights and activities enjoyed with friends
– Customize entries by each person or collaborative entry
Bachelor/bachelorette party – Tell funny stories appropriate to share from the celebrations
– Thank hosts for allowing parties and gatherings
– Include polaroid photos from the trip
Multi-family trip – Coordinate among families for a collaborative entry
– Have the kids contribute drawings
– Customize entries by each family
Holiday stay – Describe holiday activities like cooking, movies, games
– Note how the home created the perfect holiday atmosphere
– Add festive doodles like trees, wreaths, etc.

Why a Welcome Book Leads to Better Reviews

Welcome Book

Providing an excellent welcome book has a direct impact on reviews and ratings.

It shows guests you are a thoughtful, detail-oriented host who cares about their experience. The local tips help guests better enjoy the area. The house details allow for a smooth, stress-free stay.

Guests appreciate not having to contact you with a bunch of questions. By empowering them to self-serve, you’re providing a luxury experience.

After a great stay facilitated by your welcome book, guests will happily leave glowing 5-star reviews. Those reviews help attract more bookings at higher rental prices.

So don’t skip the welcome book – it’s one of the best ways to impress guests and stand out from hosts who take a hands-off approach. By investing the time upfront, you’ll reap rewards throughout the lifetime of your vacation rental business.

Key Takeaways on Creating a Welcome Book

To quickly summarize, here are the key takeaways for crafting a stellar welcome book:

  • Convey an excited, sincere welcome and appreciation for guests
  • Share rules, instructions, and local tips to facilitate an ideal stay
  • Address frequently asked questions to reduce guest inquiries
  • Highlight safety information to keep guests secure
  • Use photos, graphics, and clear organization to improve scannability
  • Provide print and digital formats to suit all guests
  • Make information easy to reference throughout the stay
  • Add your personal recommendations and local expertise
  • Proofread thoroughly before finalizing
  • Distribute via multiple access points like email, QR codes, tablets, etc.
  • A high-quality welcome book leads to better reviews and bookings!

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to create an amazing welcome book perfect for your vacation rental guests.

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