Romantic Love WhatsApp Status for Boyfriends and Girlfriends to Express Your Feelings

Romantic Love WhatsApp Status for Boyfriends and Girlfriends to Express Your Feelings

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular ways for couples to stay connected. Having a romantic love status on WhatsApp is a great way to express your feelings to your boyfriend or girlfriend. It shows them how much you care and that they are always on your mind.

Finding the perfect love status can be difficult though. There are so many great options to choose from. The status needs to be heartfelt but not overly sappy. You want it to make your partner smile but also know you truly mean every word.

This article will provide over 150 romantic love WhatsApp status options for both boyfriends and girlfriends. We have sad status, funny status, cute status, and more to share your every mood and feeling. Read on for the largest collection of love status messages to make your partner feel special!

Why Romantic Love WhatsApp Statuses Are Important in Relationships

Romance isn’t just for new relationships. Long-term couples need romance as well to keep the fire alive. With everyone’s busy schedules, finding time together can be difficult. Updating your WhatsApp status to a romantic love quote is an easy way to keep them reminded of your love throughout the day.

A collage or a sequence of images depicting various scenarios like a busy schedule, a couple sharing a romantic moment, and someone updating their WhatsApp status. This visual should convey the importance of romantic statuses in a relationship.

Here are just some of the key reasons romantic love statuses for WhatsApp are so important:

  • Shows your commitment and that you are proud to be in the relationship
  • Makes your partner feel loved and appreciated
  • Brings a smile to their face when they see cute or funny statuses
  • Indicates you are thinking of them when apart
  • Sparks conversation when you are together in person later
  • Sets the mood for date nights or romantic evenings
  • Shares your innermost feelings, hopes and dreams
  • Provides encouragement, support or affection when needed
  • Spreads love to all your friends and social media connections

Best Romantic Love Status Categories

Sifting through thousands of love quotes and statuses takes time. To help, we have organized some of the best WhatsApp love status into key categories for boyfriends and girlfriends below:

Romantic Love Statuses

Best Romantic Love Status

General sweet, cute and romantic messages to make your love smile. These good morning messages, hug statuses and kiss quotes show your affection.

I Love You Statuses

Proclaim your love loudly and proudly with these direct “I love you” quote statuses. Share how they make you feel and how lost you’d be without them by your side.

Funny Love Statuses

Make them laugh with these silly romantic statuses and love jokes. Laughter strengthens relationships which is why funny love quotes are so popular.

Sad Love Statuses

Sometimes you miss them and just need to say it. Use a sad status to share how lonely or heartbroken you feel when apart.

Love Yourself Statuses

Don’t forget self love! Update your status with confidence boosting self love quotes. These inspirational statuses remind you to take care of yourself first.

With so many options, how do you choose just one status? Mix it up and change your romantic status daily or weekly. This keeps it interesting for you both!

Now let’s explore some of the best romantic love WhatsApp statuses in each of these categories.

Top 100+ Romantic Love Statuses for Your Partner

Romantic Love Statuses

If you just want to display your general affection, pick from these sweet and cute romantic love statuses. They work beautifully for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.

My love, you take my breath away every single day. I love you!
I love all of your little quirks and flaws. You’re perfect for me.
You’re my dream come true. So blessed to have you in my life.
I would choose you in every universe and in every lifetime. My soulmate forever!
Home isn’t a place, it’s you. You’re my home, my love.
I love doing life with you. You make everything better.
You make my heart smile. That’s how much I love you!
Your hand touching mine, that’s my favorite thing.
My idea of happiness begins and ends with your beautiful face.
My heart knew you were the one long before my brain did!

Don’t hesitate to get creative with your own romantic statuses too. Share an inside joke or favorite memory only the two of you would understand. This personalized touch makes it even more special for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I Love You Statuses

There’s no better feeling than being in love and just wanting to shout it from the rooftops. Post one of these direct “I love you” statuses to express those feelings to your partner.

I love you to the moon and back, for all eternity. ♥️
My heart is yours, my soul yours, my body yours, my mind yours. I am completely yours.
I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. My love grows exponentially over time!
You’re my whole world. So in love with you, babe!
I love it when you smile. I love it even more when I’m the reason. 🥰
I love how you make me feel like I can do anything. My motivation, my strength and my biggest supporter. Love you! ❤
I love all of you, even the messy bits. That’s how real this is.
I love that I get to do life with my favorite person in the universe. So lucky! 😍
“L” is for the way you love me. “O” is for you’re the “one” I see. “V” is for very, very extraordinary. “E” is even more than anyone that I adore. 💞

Don’t be shy about declaring your love openly and boldly. Your boyfriend or girlfriend wants and needs to hear how much you care on a regular basis.

Funny Love Statuses

While professions of love are beautiful, relationships can’t be serious all the time. Sprinkling in some funny love statuses keeps things lighthearted.

These silly romantic messages will make your boyfriend or girlfriend burst out laughing. Laughter is contagious so all their friends will be cracking up too reading your funny statuses.

I love you like fat kids love cake. 🍰
We go together like ketchup and mustard. Thanks for always making me better.
I love you more than bacon. Now that says something! 🥓
Life without you would suck more than a black hole. So grateful you’re stuck with me! 🕳
They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but I don’t want to catch and release. I’m keeping you! 🎣
Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again. Maybe I should stop looking at you! 🙈
Call me cake ’cause I’m so sweet on you.
Thank you for putting up with me. I know I’m a lot to handle. But hey, so is love!
I’m not #blessed. I just have an incredible boyfriend/girlfriend.
This morning I saw a flower and thought it was beautiful, until I saw you two seconds later.

Try creating your own funny love one liners too. Pick on a quirk or annoying habit they have. Just make sure to end the status with how much you love that quirk! This shows you accept your partner fully.

Sad Love Statuses

Sad Love Statuses

It’s impossible to always be happy in a relationship. Couples fight and have bad days too. Updating your status with something sentimental lets your boyfriend or girlfriend know you miss them.

These sad love statuses express loneliness, heartbreak and how incomplete you feel without them by your side. Sending a sad emoji or two helps set the tone even further.

I miss you so much it hurts. Come back to me my love. 💔
The tears won’t stop falling now that we’re apart. I need you here to mend my broken heart. 😢
Loving you is easy, missing you is hard. This distance is tearing me apart babe. 😭
I’ve been trying to stay strong but the truth is, my life is empty without you here. 😞
My days are so lonely and long when you’re not around. Please come over later if you can. 🙏
I don’t feel like myself when you’re not with me. Parts of me are missing. 😫
Nothing makes sense without you by my side. I can’t wait for us to be together again! ❤️
I don’t even know how to smile properly when I don’t see your face. Love and miss you!
It’s amazing how empty my arms feel without you to hold.
My heart literally aches missing you so much today. Love you to the stars and back! 🌟

Having a few sad love statuses in your back pocket is smart. They reassure your partner you need them and don’t like being apart. These simple words speak volumes about your love and commitment.

Love Yourself Statuses

Love Yourself

Before you can fully love someone else, you must love yourself first. Use these confidence boosting self love statuses to showcase positive self esteem.

When your boyfriend or girlfriend sees you taking good care of yourself, it takes pressure off them. You become a happier, healthier partner all around.

Self love isn’t selfish. Taking care of me makes me better at loving you. 💖
I’m my own soulmate. I know how to take care of my own heart. 🤍
My new lover is myself. I deserve all the love I can give. 💗
I accept myself fully, flaws and all. My capacity to love grows bigger each day! 💜
Today I will speak gently and kindly to myself. My soul deserves peace. ✨
I lovingly forgive myself for past mistakes. I choose to learn rather than judge. 🕊
I have so much love to give the world, starting with myself. 🌼
I deserve to be cherished simply because I exist. My presence is a gift. 🎁
I am worthy of love, joy, respect and authenticity. Watch me shine! ⭐
Every day I reassure my inner child that the future is bright. 🌞

When you take time to nurture your soul, it creates ripple effects. The people around you reap the benefits of your growth. Use these self love statuses to plant seeds of confidence, self worth and resilience.

Romantic Love Status Ideas for Every Mood

Beyond categories, you can also match romantic love statuses to different moods. For example, pick an encouraging message when they seem down or stressed. A good morning kiss quote energizes them to seize the day. Humorous and playful statuses reduce anxiety or boredom.

Below are examples of messages tailored to a variety of emotional states and situations.

Good Morning Love Status

  • Good morning my love! I hope you slept well and that your dreams were as sweet as you. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face later.
  • Wake up sleepy head! I’m already missing your smile and those cuddles that make my world go round.
  • Hello gorgeous! Just wanted to jump start your day with a big smile. Mine gets huge just thinking about you.

Sweet Dreams Love Status

  • Goodnight my angel. I’m sending you sweet dreams and my love from afar. See you in dreamland! 💤
  • The moon is out, time for you to get some rest. You worked hard today baby. Proud of you! Sleep tight.
  • I wish we were cuddling in bed right now counting stars and sheep together. Soon baby, soon! Sweet dreams for now. ✨

Miss You Love Status

  • My heart actually aches missing you today. Please call me as soon as you get this! Love you so much. 😢
  • I never thought I’d meet someone I hate being apart from as much as you. Missing you is my least favorite thing. 🥺
  • Is it crazy I already miss your voice and it’s only been a few hours? You’re like a drug I can’t get enough of! 😝

Kiss You Love Status

  • My lips are feeling lonely and neglected without yours to kiss! 😘 Hurry home baby.
  • I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be! 😚
  • Your kisses take my breath away. My heart races with every touch of your lips. You’re my biggest weakness! 💋

Hug You Love Status

  • They say hugs release oxytocin aka the “love hormone”. I sure could use one of yours right now babe! 🤗
  • I just want to wrap you up in the biggest bear hug and never let you go! Here’s a big virtual one for now. 🧸
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, all I wanna do is hug you! My arms feel so empty when you’re not here. 🥀

Best WhatsApp Status for Boyfriends

Best WhatsApp Status for Boyfriends

Gentlemen, want to make your girlfriend smile? Below are some extra romantic WhatsApp love status examples just for you. Customize them by adding her name or an inside joke. She’ll be convinced she’s found the perfect man!

Romantic Boyfriend Love Statuses for Her

  • Good night baby girl! I’ll be dreaming of your beautiful smile. 😍 Sweet dreams!
  • Happy Saturday gorgeous! Any big plans with your girls today? Let me know if you need anything! xx
  • Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you. Always puts a huge smile on my face. Love you babe!
  • I saw this and thought of you instantly. Isn’t it perfect? Love finding little things to make you smile everyday. 😊

Funny Boyfriend Love Statuses

  • Roses are red, bananas are yellow, wanna meet up later for a sugary snack, my sweet little marshmallow?
  • I must have done something really great in my past life to deserve someone as incredible as you. Just kidding, I’m still trying to figure out what I did to get this lucky! 🤣
  • Thanks for agreeing to be my partner in crime as well as my love. Life is so much more fun with you by my side! 🥷
  • They say boyfriends are replaceable. Good thing they broke the mold when they made me! One of a kind just for you babe! 😉

Sad Boyfriend Love Statuses

  • My heart literally hurts being so far from you right now. Might need to book the next flight home. I miss you so much! 😞
  • I may not always tell you how I feel, but please know my world crumbles when you’re not here. I need my girl! Please call soon? 🙏🏼
  • Sorry I’ve seemed off lately. Truth is I’ve just been missing you extra these past few days. Can’t wait for date night! 🥹

Best WhatsApp Status for Girlfriends

Best WhatsApp Status for Girlfriends

Ladies, show your man how head over heels you are for him with these girlfriend specific romantic statuses. Make him weak in the knees and remind him how perfect you are together.

Romantic Girlfriend Love Statuses for Him

  • Happy Monday handsome! Thanks for being the reason I smile so big. Thinking of you already. Xoxo 😘
  • Good morning my king! I hope your day is as awesome as you are! Smile that winning smile that melts my insides!
  • You looked super hot in that blue shirt last night. Can’t stop thinking about how good you look in blue! 😍 Love you!
  • Counting down the minutes until I’m back in your big strong arms! This trip is torture without my favorite snuggle buddy! 🥰

Funny Girlfriend Love Statuses for Him

Roses are red, lemons are sour, I love being your girlfriend every single hour! 🍋

I’m so glad I swiped right on you! Still not over what a perfect match the universe made for us! 👫

Every love story needs a hero. Glad mine came with a six pack and a great sense of humor! 💪😂

Of all the guys in the world, I’m happy you’re the one hitting on me in my DMs. ☺️

Sad Girlfriend Love Statuses for Him

  • My heart literally aches missing you today. Please call me as soon as you get this! Love you so much. 😢
  • Nothing feels right when you’re not next to me.
  • Please come cuddle me soon babe, I need those big strong arms! 🥺
  • I may not say it often enough, but you mean everything to me. My days are darker when you’re not around. Miss your smile so much! ☹️
  • I know you’re busy today but can you take 5 minutes to call me? I need to hear your voice and steal some of your positive energy! 😊🙏

Unique WhatsApp Love Status Quotes

While we’ve covered lots of great romantic status options already, here are a few more unique quotes that perfectly capture love.

  • “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn
  • “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand
  • “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Elizabeth Browning
  • “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.” – Sophocles
  • “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.” – Alfred Tennyson
  • “In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you.” – Virginia Woolf
  • “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – Emily Bronte

Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend by setting one of these sweet statuses. The unique wording will spark interesting conversations about your love and commitment.

Love Status Ideas for All Relationships

The examples so far work beautifully for romantic couples and dating relationships. However, these WhatsApp love status and quotes could also apply to close friendships or family members.

Customize them by switching out words like “boyfriend” or “my love” with the specific person’s name or title. Then use these amazing statuses to uplift any special person in your world.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Happy Monday (Sis/Mom/Aunt Sue/BFF)! Thanks for always being my biggest cheerleader. Love you so much! 🤗
  • Good morning (Dad/Grandma/Cousin Jack/BFF)! Have an awesome day and know I’m smiling back when you smile at this message 😊
  • I don’t know what I did to deserve a friend as incredible as you in my life (Sally). So blessed! 💖
  • They say friends are the family we choose for ourselves. So glad I chose you (Michael)! 😄

Share the Love on Social Media

Once you’ve picked the perfect romantic status, don’t be shy sharing it on your various social profiles too. Post the love quotes on Instagram, Facebook and more.

This spreads beautiful feelings through your community. Others will take inspiration to show more romance and affection to their own partners.

You definitely want to be selective with the statuses you share publicly though. The most intimate “I love you” or kissy face statuses should be saved just for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s eyes.

Keep things light and friendly for social media. Funny love statuses and inspirational self love quotes tend to perform best. But as long as the post oozes positivity, people will love seeing your romance bloom!

Just remember to keep taking photos together too for Instagram and Facebook! They let you turn status updates into real life stories. Capture date nights, weekend getaways, trying new activities or lazy mornings still in pajamas together.

Visual content paired with cute statuses conveys the full story of your love. It lets audiences connect more deeply to your relationship. They’ll start feeling invested in your happily ever after!

Romantic Love Status Ideas for Every Season

Another way to keep romance alive in your relationship is tailoring WhatsApp status updates to the seasons. For example, winter love statuses can feature snuggling by the fire under a cozy blanket. Spring love statuses focus on renewal and new adventures together as the weather warms.

Take inspiration from the sights, sounds, flavors and feelings each season elicits. Then tie your romantic message back to connecting more deeply with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here are some seasonal love status examples to spark your creativity:

Spring Romantic Love Statuses

Spring Romantic Love Statuses
  • Oh how I love spring, sunshine and blooming flowers. But not nearly as much as I love you my dear! 🌷☀️
  • Warm breezes, singing birds and bright flowers everywhere. Spring reminds me life is beautiful, especially with you by my side! 🌸
  • Longer days giving us more time together? Yes please! Spring is definitely now my favorite season. 😍🌞

Summer Romantic Love Statuses

  • Blue summer skies, salty beach hair and lots of vitamin sea. Nothing better than having my favorite person to share it with! 🌊❤️
  • The forecast shows sunny and hot for the next 3 months. Much like my love for you babe! 🔥☀️😂
  • Off on another summer adventure with my best friend and love. Too blessed to be stressed! 🛫🛬

Autumn Romantic Love Statuses

  • Crunchy leaves, cozy sweaters and hot pumpkin spice everything. My perfect autumn includes lots of cuddles with you! 🍂
  • Apple orchards and hay rides with my baby sound like a dream. Fall is definitely our season! 🍎🚜
  • Fall makes me fall even deeper in love with you. Autumn walks, bonfires and football games by your side are my favorite!🏈

Winter Romantic Love Statuses

Winter Romantic Love Statuses
  • Winter wonderlands twinkle even brighter with you by my side. The best views are with you babe! ❄️🚿
  • Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, snow angels and hot cocoa kisses. My idea of a very merry winter! 🎄💋
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Winter cuddles with my love are all I need to keep warm. ⛄️🌨❄️

As you can see, statuses tailored to the season add variety and fun. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will be delighted you took the time to create a romantic message just for them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Romantic Statuses (With Examples!)

We’ll wrap this guide up by answering some of the most common questions people have around romantic WhatsApp statuses:

What are some good romantic status?

Good romantic status focuses on positive feelings and experiences in your relationship. For example:

  • Every moment with you feels like a dream come true my love. So grateful to have you! 💞
  • Your smile makes my heart do somersaults inside my chest. Love you to the moon and back! ☺️
  • They say home is where the heart is. My heart is definitely with you so anywhere you are, I’m home! 🏡

What do I put as my love status?

Great ideas for love status you can put in your WhatsApp profile include:

  • Caught in a bad romance…with the love of my life! 💖😜
  • Get yourself someone who loves you as much as I love pizza…and someone who loves you as much as I love YOU! 🍕😘
  • I could have all the money in the world but I’d still be broke without you. 🤑💸

How do I impress my boyfriend on WhatsApp status?

Some ways to impress your boyfriend with cute WhatsApp status updates include:

  • On cloud 9 knowing I have the most thoughtful, loving boyfriend ever! #BFGoals 🥰🌤
  • They say boys will be boys but you’ve always been my man. Love you! 👊
  • Thanks for letting me be myself around you. Feeling totally comfortable is the best. Love you babe! 🤗

What is the best romantic WhatsApp status?

The best romantic WhatsApp status focuses on positive aspects of your relationship that make you smile. For example:

  • My favorite place is inside your hug with my head on your chest listening to your heartbeat.
  • They say home is where the heart is. My heart will always belong to you my darling. 💕
  • All of my favorite memories involve you. Here’s to a lifetime of making more! 🥂

What can I put as my love Whatsapp status?

Great ideas to put as your love WhatsApp status include:

  • If being in love was a crime, I would have gotten a life sentence with you! 😍🚓
  • The cost of my phone: is $1000, the Cost of the internet: is $50 per month, Cost of texting the love of my life all day is priceless! 📲
  • Taken, tamed, and tattooed your name on my heart forever! 🖤


Sharing romantic and thoughtful love statuses on WhatsApp is a great way to strengthen your bond with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner. Whether life brings happiness, laughter, loneliness, or heartache – make sure to update your status so they know what’s on your mind and how much you care.

We hope this extensive guide gave you lots of ideas for statuses and quotes about love. Apply them to put a smile on your lover’s face and warmth in their heart anytime. Love, nurtured and expressed regularly, will continue blossoming exponentially.

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