How to Reply When Someone Says You Are Beautiful: 12 Ways to Accept Compliments Gracefully

How to Reply When Someone Says You Are Beautiful: 12 Ways to Accept Compliments Gracefully

Receiving compliments is a wonderful feeling. But when someone calls you beautiful, pretty, cute, or good-looking, it can also be awkward. What should you say in response?

Knowing the right things to say when someone compliments your looks will help you avoid embarrassment. This guide covers 12 great ways to accept compliments gracefully. Read on to learn how to reply when someone says you are beautiful!

Why Do People Compliment Beauty?

Why Do People Compliment Beauty?

Compliments make people feel good. Giving compliments boosts positive moods. Getting compliments also lightens spirits.

So people pay compliments hoping to:

  • Brighten someone’s day
  • Make a connection
  • Flirt and show romantic interest
  • Acknowledge changes and effort (new hair, weight loss, etc)
  • Appreciate natural beauty

With the right response, you can make people feel their compliments are appreciated.

How to React When Someone Calls You Beautiful

Don’t just say thanks and move on. Take a moment to respond in a way that shows you value the compliment. Here are some ideas for how to reply when someone compliments your looks:

1. Say “Thank You”

The classic response is still a winner. Say thank you and smile. This shows you accept the compliment with grace.

How to React When Someone Calls You Beautiful

Keep it simple with “Thanks!” or say “Thank you, that’s so nice of you to say.”

2. Return the Compliment

Give a compliment back to the other person. Try something like:

  • “Thanks! You look great too.”
  • “Aww, so are you!”
  • “That’s sweet of you. You look nice today too.”

This makes the interaction more positive for both of you.

3. Appreciate Their Thoughtfulness

Appreciate Their Thoughtfulness

Show you appreciate them taking the time to say something nice. For example:

  • “Thanks, that’s really thoughtful of you to say!”
  • “I appreciate you saying that, you just made my day brighter.”
  • “You’re so kind for noticing, thank you for saying that!”

This shows you value the intention behind the compliment.

4. Keep It Light

Give a playful, humorous response:

  • “Aww shucks, you smooth talker!”
  • “Well, aren’t you the sweetest person ever!”
  • “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but thanks!”

Being a bit cheeky keeps the moment fun.

5. Compliment Them Back

Compliment Them Back

Return an equally enthusiastic compliment:

  • “You’re so gorgeous!”
  • “Have you looked in the mirror lately?”
  • “Takes one to know one!”

Show you appreciate their looks too. But read their intentions before matching the same energy.

6. Share Credit

Give props to people who helped you look good:

  • “Thanks! My stylist did an amazing job.”
  • “I can’t take all the credit – this outfit is fab.”
  • “It’s the makeup, I swear.”

This shows humility by acknowledging your looks didn’t happen alone.

7. Accept with Confidence

Own the compliment! Respond with confidence like:

  • “I clean up pretty well, don’t I?”
  • “Why thank you, I do try.”
  • “Can’t argue with that!”

Having confidence in your beauty is attractive.

8. Use Humor

Make a joke if that’s more your style:

  • “Flattery will get you everywhere!”
  • “I moisturize, it’s my secret.”
  • “Beauty is only a light switch away.”

Humorous responses lighten the mood.

9. Question Their Vision

Tease them playfully like:

  • “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you must need glasses!”
  • “Are you feeling okay? Do I need to call a doctor?”
  • “Oh honey, your contacts must be blurry today!”

This is a humorous way to deflect the compliment.

11. Keep It Simple

You can’t go wrong with a simple thank you:

  • “Thanks, I appreciate that!”
  • “Thank you, how kind!”
  • “Aww thanks, that’s really sweet of you.”

Straightforward appreciation is always appropriate.

11. Flirt Back

Flirt if you’re interested:

  • “Why thank you, you look rather dashing yourself!”
  • “Well aren’t you quite the charmer!”
  • “And you look very handsome yourself!”

Flirt back safely if you feel chemistry and want to reciprocate interest.

12. Use Wit

Witty responses add humor:

  • “Flattery will get you everywhere!”
  • “Beauty is only a light switch away!”
  • “Oh stop, don’t make me blush!”

Make them laugh while appreciating the compliment.

Ways to Reply When Someone Calls You Beautiful

Say Thank You“Thank you, that’s so kind!”
Return the Compliment“You’re so sweet, and beautiful too!”
Use Humor“Beauty is only a light switch away!”
Accept with Confidence“Well I do clean up pretty nice, don’t I?”
Appreciate Their Thoughtfulness“I really appreciate you saying that, it made my day!”
Credit Others“I can’t take all the credit – my stylist is fab!”
Compliment an Attribute“You’re so thoughtful to say that!”
Question Their Sincerity“Oh honey, your contacts must be blurry today!”
Keep It Simple“Thanks, I appreciate that!”

How Not to Respond to Compliments on Your Looks

How Not to Respond to Compliments on Your Looks

Avoid these unwanted reactions:

  • Getting visibly uncomfortable or upset
  • Questioning their motives
  • Arguing about whether it’s true
  • Brushing it off
  • Making self-deprecating jokes
  • Turning it sexual

Responses like these can make the interaction awkward or hurtful for the giver.

Factors That Change How to Respond

Consider these factors to refine your response:


Reply differently to friends, partners, family, colleagues, strangers.


Is it a friendly compliment or are they expressing romantic interest? Read the context.


Introverts may prefer simple thanks. Extroverts may feel more comfortable with big theatrics.


Some cultures find excessive thank you’s inappropriate. Adjust to what’s suitable.

The most important factors are the relationship, intentions, and context. Use good judgment tailored to the situation.

Examples of Replying to Specific Compliments

Here are examples of great responses to common compliments:

Compliment: Wow, you look beautiful today!


  • Thanks, that’s so thoughtful of you to say!
  • Aww, so are you!
  • You’re so kind, thank you!

Compliment: That dress is so flattering on you!


  • Thank you! I saw it and fell in love immediately.
  • Thanks! I feel like a million bucks in it.
  • Aww, that’s sweet, I’m glad you like it!

Compliment: Your hair looks amazing!


  • Thank you! My stylist did such a great job.
  • Thanks! I’m really happy with how it turned out.
  • Aww thanks, you look fantastic too!

Compliment: Have you lost weight? You look incredible!


  • Thanks! I have been eating better lately.
  • I appreciate that! I have been trying to take better care of myself.
  • That’s kind of you to notice, thank you!

Compliment: Your makeup looks beautiful!


  • Thank you! It took me forever to get it just right.
  • Thanks so much! I had fun with it this morning.
  • What, this old face? You’re too kind!

Compliment: That shirt looks amazing on you!


  • Thanks! Blue is my favorite color to wear.
  • I appreciate that, I just got this shirt and love it!
  • Aww, so are you! I love your sense of style.

The possibilities are endless! Just focus on showing gratitude, positivity, humor, or confidence as feels natural to you.

How to Compliment Beauty in a Sensitive Way

Giving compliments also takes tact. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Compliment attributes the person controls, not unchangeable traits. Like their outfit, hair, nails, etc. rather than body shape.
  • Keep compliments sincere, appropriate, and respectful. Avoid comments on body parts.
  • Consider your relationship and intentions. Don’t flatter colleagues the same way as a romantic partner.
  • Give compliments freely without expecting anything in return. The purpose is to spread positivity.
  • Take social and cultural norms about compliments into account. What’s common in one culture may seem inappropriate in another.
  • Read reactions carefully. Cease any compliments that cause visible discomfort.
  • Use compliments to build confidence. Don’t give disingenuous compliments to try manipulating or patronizing others.

Spread the love through thoughtful compliments!

Funny and Witty Responses to Try

Humor can help balance more heartfelt responses. Mix it up with funny comebacks like:

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!
  • Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.
  • I’m blushing under this foundation.
  • I bet you say that to all the girls/guys.
  • Stop it, you smooth talker!
  • Do you need glasses or are you just being nice?
  • What, this old thing?
  • Oh honey, your contacts must be blurry!
  • Shucks, and here I was going for devastatingly average.
  • You’re just trying to butter me up!
  • Is that your professional opinion?
  • Flattery will get you everywhere!
  • Thank you, thank you very much.
  • Well, I can’t argue with that!
  • You’re not so bad yourself!
  • Isn’t that the nicest thing anyone’s said all day!
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!

And don’t forget funny GIFs and memes if responding online. A reaction GIF can say it all!


Compliments brighten days, spread positivity, and strengthen connections. Learn to gracefully accept kind words about your beauty and looks.

Sincerely thank the giver. Pay a compliment back. Use humor. Share credit with stylists or fitness coaches. Or own it with confidence!

How you respond can inspire more compliments. A thoughtful, cheerful reaction shows you appreciate the giver’s intentions.

So next time someone says “You are beautiful”, “You look pretty” or “You are so hot”, embrace the moment. Have some go-to responses ready to accept gracefully. Feel good spreading the love!

To summarize, here are the key tips for how to react when someone compliments your beauty:

  • Sincerely thank them for the kind words
  • Return the compliment or say something nice back
  • Keep it positive, playful, and upbeat
  • Use humor or wit if appropriate
  • Show appreciation for their thoughtfulness
  • Accept with confidence if you feel comfortable owning it
  • Credit stylists, designers, or other helpers if relevant
  • Tailor your response to your relationship with the person
  • Consider cultural norms about compliments and modesty
  • Read contexts and intentions before flirting back
  • Avoid self-deprecating or uncomfortable reactions

With the right responses in your back pocket, you can handle compliments like a pro!

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