Flirty Responses to “You’re Hot” – A Guide to Witty Comebacks

Flirty Responses to "You're Hot"

Being told “you’re hot” is an amazing compliment that can make anyone feel good. Whether it’s said by your partner, a new crush, or someone just trying to flirt with you, it’s a powerful phrase that deserves an equally flirty, confident response.

Finding the right words to respond can be tricky though. You want to reciprocate the flirtation and confidence without going overboard or sounding conceited. The key is responding with the right mix of humor, flattery, and sass.

This comprehensive guide covers over 45 flirty, clever responses to give when someone says “You’re hot.” It provides plenty of examples for men and women with different tones and attitudes. Read on to have the perfect comeback ready next time you hear this compliment!

Why Do People Say “You’re Hot”?

Flirty Responses to "You're Hot"

Understanding the context behind being called hot helps craft an appropriate reaction. There are a few key reasons someone may call you hot:

  • They are attracted to you – This is the most obvious reason. Calling someone hot shows romantic or sexual interest in that person.
  • A compliment – Some use “you’re hot” as a generic compliment without necessarily having deeper feelings behind it. It’s like saying “You look nice today.”
  • A conversation starter – When meeting someone new, saying “you’re hot” can be a flirty way to kickstart a conversation.
  • A confidence boost – Friends may call you hot to hype you up and make you feel good.
  • Drunk behavior – People under the influence sometimes hand out “you’re hot” comments freely without much thought behind it.

Understanding the intent helps determine how to respond. Now let’s get into specific comebacks for various situations.

Flattered and Modest Responses

Flattered and Modest Responses

If you want to show your appreciation for the compliment while staying humble, go for a flattered and modest response. These responses focus on expressing thanks and deflecting some of the attention onto the other person.

“Aww, thanks! I’m flattered.”

This simple response politely conveys appreciation for their words. Saying you’re flattered makes it clear you value the compliment without getting a big head.

“You’re so sweet for saying that!”

Let them know their compliment means a lot by calling them sweet. This response shifts the praise towards their kindness and doesn’t boast about yourself.

“That’s so nice of you to say.”

Again, acknowledge how nice it was of them to pay you the compliment. This response shows gratitude without overselling yourself.

“Well, aren’t you the charmer!”

Give credit to their charming nature instead of just your good looks. This playfully lets them know their flattery is working while staying humble.

“I must say, you have great taste!”

Compliment them back on their excellent taste in people. This response avoids a direct agreement by applauding their keen eye instead.

“Aw thanks, you’re making me blush over here!”

Admitting the compliment is making you blush shows you’re flattered without sounding arrogant. The lighthearted tone also keeps it fun.

“You’re too kind. I’m happy you think so.”

Politely accept the sentiment while acknowledging it’s their kind perspective that matters. This response is gracious without overstating your hotness.

“That’s so nice to hear, thank you.”

A simple, gracious response like this warmly accepts the compliment at face value. It’s modest without diminishing the nice words.

“Well, don’t you know how to make a person feel good!”

Focus the attention on their ability to make you feel good with compliments. This playfully credits their smooth talking skills.

“I must have done something to catch your eye!”

Instead of basking in your hotness, attribute it to catching their eye. This response directs the attention back to them.

Confident and Assertive Responses

Confident and Assertive Responses

If you want to embrace the compliment and exude confidence, go for an assertive response. These responses unapologetically accept the praise without getting overly cocky.

“Thanks, I do try!”

Straight up acknowledge you try to look hot. This response is confident without sounding arrogant or over the top.

“What can I say, I clean up nice!”

Jokingly credit your good looks to cleaning up well. This is a humble way to accept looking hot.

“Well thank you, I’m glad you think so.”

Simply accepting the sentiment and stating you’re glad they think so comes off strong and secure. It acknowledges their perspective without gloating.

“I can’t help that I was born this good-looking!”

Play it off like your hotness is a natural talent. This cheeky response owns it with a touch of humor.

“You noticed – 10 points for you!”

Give them snaps to notice your hotness! This turn of phrase playfully commends their observation skills.

“Who am I to argue with that?”

Instead of a direct agreement, this response lightly deflects by saying you can’t argue. It’s a clever way to accept without sounding arrogant.

“I do try to bring the heat.”

Tell them you aim to bring the heat! This confidence-boosting response owns your hotness in a casual tone.

“Well, I’m flattered you think so.”

Mixing modesty with confidence, this response acknowledges you’re flattered by their perspective. It leaves no room for false humility.

“Can’t complain when it’s true!”

Affirm the truth behind their words – you are indeed hot! This response unapologetically owns the compliment.

“Looks like someone has good taste.”

Put the focus on their good taste in admiring your hotness. This shifts the attention instead of just touting yourself.

“What can I say, I was blessed!”

Playfully attribute your good looks to being #blessed. This is a cheeky way to be confident without being cocky.

Playful and Humorous Responses

Playful and Humorous Responses

If you want to knock off their socks, go for a playful or humorous response. These responses allow you to get creative and show off your witty side.

“Darn this hotness curse of mine!”

Make them laugh by joking you’re cursed with hotness. Playing it up as a “curse” pokes fun at the compliment.

“Well, my mom always said I was her good-looking child.”

Blaming your mom for complimenting your looks often is a silly, disarming response. It’s hard to get a big head when you bring mom into it!

“It’s all thanks to my exfoliation regimen.”

With mock seriousness, credit your skincare instead of good genetics. This funny response avoids sounding smug.

“I moisturize, like, a lot.”

Similarly, joke your looks come from diligent moisturizing. Ridiculous responses like this redirect the conversation to humor.

“You noticed! My disguise must be slipping.”

Make them laugh by pretending you’re incognito in disguise. Saying it’s “slipping” plays up the compliment for comedic effect.

“I’m blushing under all this foundation.”

Joke about having foundation covering up your blushing. Playing up shyness with this retort is endearing and clever.

“Who, me? But I’m wearing sweats!”

Act shocked they’d call you hot while wearing sweats. Self-deprecating humor like this shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

“I swear they aren’t just spray-tanned abs!”

Laughingly reassure your hot body isn’t fake. Absurd statements like this flip the compliment into something amusing.

“I’m like a fine wine. I get better with age!”

Comparing yourself to a fine wine is a funny way to say your attractiveness improves over time. Cheeky responses like this one avoid arrogance.

“Well I can’t take all the credit – my mirror compliments me a lot.”

Making yourself out as vain for complimenting your reflection all the time plays up the laugh factor. It shows you recognize how silly it would be to get a big head over this.

Flirtatious and Inviting Responses

Flirtatious and Inviting Responses

If sparks are flying, use this as a chance to get flirty! Flirtatious responses build romantic tension and chemistry. Just be sure it’s appropriate for your relationship.

“Only for you…”

Let them know your hotness is just for them. The ellipsis gives this response a flirty, lingering tone.

“I hoped you’d notice.”

Say you were hoping to catch their eye – it conveys attraction and invites flirtation.

“Want me to turn around and give you a full view?”

Offer to turn around to give them a better look. This cheeky response playfully invites roaming eyes.

“Like what you see?”

Ask if they like what they see to open the door for further compliments…and flirtation.

“Why don’t you tell me more about it?”

Say this in a lower, slower voice and ask them to elaborate. It’s a flirty way to hear more praise from them.

“If you think I look good now, you should see me tonight…”

Allude to looking even better later. The intrigue builds attraction and sexual tension.

“Aw thanks, gorgeous, so are you.”

Compliment them back by calling them gorgeous. Exchanging compliments is a timeless flirtation technique.

“I bet you say that to all the hot ones.”

Tease them playfully for complimenting hot people often. The tone is flirty rather than accusatory.

“I was hoping you’d notice…”

Say this in a low, sultry voice. It insinuates you dressed up just for them, sparking romance.

“Why thank you…I find you very hot too.”

Turn the tables with a reciprocal compliment about finding them equally attractive. Flirt back and drive up the sensual tension!

Responses for Some Fun Banter

Responses for Some Fun Banter

Compliments open the door for playful banter and witty repartee. Use these responses to engage in some fun back-and-forth.

“Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out!”

It is a humorous way to say your hotness is obvious. This invites lively back-and-forth banter.

“Yep, hotties like me are a rare breed.”

Arrogant, over-the-top responses said jokingly invite fun banter and laughs.

“Duh, thanks for letting me know.”

Playfully act like you thought they were informing you of something obvious. The mock arrogance kicks off lighthearted banter.

“Well, it’s about time you noticed!”

Pretend it’s about time they just noticed your good looks. The exaggerated indignation adds humor to the exchange.

“You’re no Nicole Kidman yourself!”

Respond by teasing them back. Witty banter often involves playful mutual teasing.

“I’m blushing – keep ’em coming!”

Asking them to keep the compliments coming invites engaging back-and-forth flattery and flirtation.

“Don’t get distracted by all this hotness now…”

Humorously warn them not to get too distracted by you. Playful cockiness like this sparks amusing banter.

“I’m like walking lava – dangerously hot!”

Ridiculous exaggerations said in jest are perfect for funny banter and interaction.

“Alert the media – hot person spotted!”

Make them laugh by pretending your hotness is newsworthy. The humor drives entertaining dialogue.

“I’m so hot I melt ice cubes in my drink, am I right?”

Over-the-top jokes invite equally outrageous responses, building lively banter. Have fun going back and forth seeing who has the wittier comebacks!

Responses for Different Relationships

Responses for Different Relationships

The best response depends on your relationship with the person complimenting you. Here are flirty comebacks tailored to different relationships.

Responses for your partner or spouse:

  • “All for your viewing pleasure…”
  • “Only hot for you, babe.”
  • “I try to keep things steamy for my man/woman.”
  • “I could say the same about you, handsome/gorgeous!”

Responses for someone you’re dating or interested in:

  • “You’re looking pretty hot yourself tonight.”
  • “Well, hopefully, we look just as hot together.”
  • “Careful, I might start thinking you like me or something!”
  • “Wow, wait until you see me with fewer clothes…”

Responses for friends or friendly flirtation:

  • “Back at ya – hottie!”
  • “I bet you say that to all your friends!”
  • “Whoa, careful with that flattery now!”
  • “I’m blushing over here! Just keep it friendly…”

Responses for strangers or casual encounters:

  • “That’s very kind of you to say.”
  • “You know how to make a girl/guy feel good!”
  • “I appreciate that, but I should be going…”
  • “Thanks, have a great day!”

Do’s and Don’ts When Responding

Giving a great response is an art. Follow these do’s and dont’s to nail it:


  • Keep it lighthearted and fun
  • Reciprocate flattery
  • Show appreciation
  • Tailor it to your relationship
  • Give creative, unique responses


  • Seem overly arrogant
  • Take it too seriously
  • Get inappropriate or vulgar
  • Downplay or reject sincere compliments
  • Drag on the conversation

So next time you hear “you’re hot,” try out one of these clever, flirty responses! Having go-to lines ready with the right mix of confidence, humor, and mutual attraction will ensure you handle the compliment as smoothly as your good looks.

Just remember to read the situation and relationship to pick the right tone. With the perfect blend of gratitude, wit, and reciprocated flirtation you’ll knock their socks off and spark some chemistry!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good funny response to You are hot?

Some good funny responses include:

  • “It’s all thanks to my rigorous moisturizing regimen.”
  • “My hotness is just an elaborate disguise.”
  • “Careful, I sizzle – I’m walking lava!”

Using humor and absurd exaggerations are great ways to deflect and poke fun at the compliment.

What should you not say when someone calls you hot?

Avoid responses that seem very egotistical or take the compliment too seriously. Don’t over-sexualize the conversation either. Stay away from responses like:

  • “Obviously – tell me something I don’t know.”
  • “I’m the hottest of the hot, baby.”
  • “Why don’t we head back to your place and you can see more?”

Come off as gracious and modest instead of cocky or inappropriate.

What is a good response when someone says you are beautiful?

Great responses to being called beautiful include:

  • “That’s so sweet of you to say!”
  • “You just made my day, thank you.”
  • “I’m flattered you think so.”
  • “Well, aren’t you quite the charmer!”

Show sincere gratitude. Give compliments back on their thoughtfulness and good eye for beauty!

What do you say to a guy who says you’re cute?

Good responses to say to a guy who calls you cute:

  • “Thanks! You’re pretty cute yourself.”
  • “Aww shucks, making me blush over here!”
  • “About time you noticed, cutie ;)”

Flirt back with him and return compliments. Lighthearted humor is also an engaging response.

What is the best way to respond to a compliment?

The best way to respond to compliments is to:

  • Say, thank you. Express gratitude.
  • Keep it simple. A short response is elegant.
  • Return the compliment. Compliment them back!
  • Add humor. Funny responses show wit.
  • Avoid self-deprecation. Don’t downplay the compliment.

Show appreciation, give compliments back, and inject personality to make compliments enjoyable exchanges!

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