Crafting the Perfect Flirty Response To Have a Good Day

Crafting the Perfect Flirty Response To Have a Good Day

When someone tells you to “have a good day” or “have a nice day”, how do you typically respond? Do you simply say “Thanks, you too” and carry on with your day? Or do you try to come up with a more playful, flirtatious response?

If you’re interested in someone who wished you well, a flirty response can show them you’re also interested and potentially brighten both of your days. Flirty responses to platitudes like “Have a good day” add a spark of playfulness and connection to an otherwise mundane conversation.

So let’s dive into how to craft the perfect flirty response the next time someone wishes you a nice day. Whether you’re trying to flirt with someone you just met, reciprocate interest from someone you’re dating, or add some playfulness to a long-term relationship, this article will cover all the ways to respond.

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Why Respond to “Have a Good Day” Flirtatiously?

Crafting the Perfect Flirty Response To Have a Good Day

When someone tells you to “have a nice day” or “have a good day”, they’re offering simple good wishes for your day ahead. It’s always polite to thank them and wish them the same.

However, if you want to respond in a flirty way, it shows a few things:

  • You want to continue the conversation – Flirty responses keep the conversation flowing, rather than ending it with “thanks, you too.” This shows you’re interested in more interaction with this person.
  • You want to reciprocate interest – If they initiated a conversation with kind well-wishes for you, flirting back indicates you’re also interested in them.
  • You want to brighten their day too – Playful, flirty responses not only make you feel good, but can make the other person feel appreciated, attractive, and happy they talked to you.

So if you’re looking to flirt or you simply want to brighten someone’s morning with a thoughtful response, read on for flirty ways to respond when they wish you a nice day.

Flirty Responses Based on Your Relationship

The best flirty responses depend heavily on your existing relationship with the person. What you would text a current partner differs greatly from someone you just started talking to.

Here are flirty “have a good day” responses tailored to different relationship stages:

Responding to Someone You Just Met

Flirty Responding to Someone You Just Met

When flirting with someone new, you want to balance showing interest with not coming on too strong. Here are some flirty yet appropriate responses for someone you recently met or matched with on a dating app:

  • “You too! Maybe we can chat later and you can tell me all about your day?”
  • “Thanks, hope your day rocks just like that outfit you had on yesterday!”
  • “I certainly will now. Hope to see you later to continue our conversation!”

These responses flatter them, and indicate your interest in talking again soon, but don’t aggressively ask for another date or anything too committing early on.

Responding to Your Crush

Flirty Responding to Your Crush

If you have a crush on someone in your social circles or professional network, use “have a good day” wishes as a chance to hint more directly at your interest. Some crush-appropriate responses include:

  • “With you here at work, I’m sure it will be. Got any fun plans this weekend?”
  • “I’m sure yours will be better, but we should meet up later to compare days!”
  • “Thanks, beautiful, maybe we can grab dinner later this week to celebrate our nice days!”

These are more forward with asking them out, but avoid being too aggressive before you know they reciprocate feelings.

Responding to Your Partner

Flirty Responding to Your Partner

When flirting with a current girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner, feel free to get more playful and affectionate. Some great flirty responses for an existing partner include:

  • “It’s looking up now that we’ve talked 🙂 How about dinner tonight?”
  • “You always know how to start my mornings off right babe. Can’t wait to see you later.”
  • “And YOU have an even better day too handsome! Love you.”

These responses work well within an established romantic relationship, where both people are interested in flirting.

Damn Peacock

8 Flirty Ways to Respond to “Have a Good Day”

No matter what stage your relationship is in, here are 8 playful, clever responses to try when someone wishes you a nice or good day:

1. Reciprocate the Compliment

Reciprocate the Compliment

One simple flirty response is to return the well-wishing compliment. For example:

  • They: Have a nice day!
  • You: Thanks, you have a fantastic day yourself!

This shows you appreciate their kindness and genuinely hope they have a great day as well.

2. Use Wordplay

Creatively playing with words related to “day”, “morning”, “sun” etc. can craft clever flirty responses like:

  • Them: Have a good morning!
  • You: It already shines brighter after seeing your smile!
  • They: Have a nice day!
  • You: My day is always sunnier when I get to talk to you!

This displays your wit and keeps the conversation going.

3. Question Further Plans

Question Further Plans

Asking about someone’s day or plans shows care for them. Flirty questioning responses might be:

  • Them: Have a good one today!
  • You: Thanks, you too! Doing anything fun later today?
  • Them: Have a great day!
  • You: I definitely will now. Any good things lined up for you today?

This invites them to share more about their life with you.

4. Use Complimentary Nicknames

Using cute nicknames, especially early on, makes your interest clear while keeping things playful. Try responses like:

  • Them: Have a super day!
  • You: With you here looking so lovely, for sure! Thanks sweetheart!
  • Them: Have an awesome day beautiful!
  • You: You just made my morning handsome!

Nickname flirting avoids being too aggressive early on in the flirting process.

5. Get Creative with Emojis

Emojis are a fun way to take a flirty undertone:

  • Them: Have a nice day! 😊
  • You: Why thanks ☺️ texts from you always brighten my day!
  • Them: Have a good morning! 🌞
  • You: You too sunshine! 🌈✨

Emojis give your response a cute, lighthearted and even slightly romantic vibe to show your interest.

6. Be Direct About Wanting to Talk Again

Be Direct About Wanting to Talk Again

If you feel ready, be direct in saying you want to talk, text or spend time together later. Examples include:

  • Them: Have a great day!
  • You: I certainly will gorgeous! We should chat later about our days!
  • Them: Have an awesome day
  • You: I definitely will now that we talked! Can I take you out later this week to celebrate our nice days?

This removes doubt that you want to continue communicating and spending time together.

7. Throw Some Sass Into Your Response

Being a little sassy or teasing can create sparks of playful chemistry. Try flirty sassy responses like:

  • Them: Have a good morning!
  • You: It’d be better if you were still in bed with me 😛 but thanks, you have an even better day!
  • Them: Have a fantastic day gorgeous!
  • You: With your fine self here, how could I not? But don’t miss me too much!

Sassy undertones show confidence to create that magnetic spark between you.

8. Leave Them Wanting More

I've Been Thinking About You

If you feel ready to wrap up the conversation, end it in a way that keeps them interested in talking again soon. Great examples include:

  • You: Thanks handsome! I’ll be thinking of you…see you later 😉
  • You: You’re just too sweet. I better get back to work before you distract me all morning 😉 Talk to you later!

These responses hint that you’ll be thinking of them later and definitely want to continue things in the future.

The key is keeping things fun, and playful and showing genuine interest in continuing the connection.

Tips for Writing Flirty Responses

Tips for Writing Flirty Responses

When crafting flirty responses, it’s all about having the right mindset. Here are tips to help write playful, clever responses:

Tailor it to your dynamic – A response to your new crush will differ greatly from banter with a long-term partner. Make sure you tailor the intimacy level appropriately.

Add your unique voice – While you can take inspiration from the examples above, the best responses come from your unique personality

Keep it lighthearted – Don’t overthink trying to sound clever or witty. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to be a little silly or poke fun playfully. Humor and laughter build rapport.

Compliment them – Point out something specific you find attractive about them or what you enjoy about them. But keep it appropriate for your dynamic so you don’t accidentally cross boundaries prematurely.

Ask questions about their day – By asking about their plans, mood, upcoming events etc you show genuine care and interest in who they are. Listen closely to what they share back with you as well.

Check for reciprocity – Pay attention after your flirty test responses to see if they flirt back. If they seem very unreceptive or uncomfortable, dial back the flirting intensity.

Escalate slowly over time – When first getting to know someone, start with more playful charm and light compliments. As intimacy builds in the relationship, gradually gets bolder and more affectionate.

The most important tip is to flirt in ways that feel true to your personality. Don’t use responses that feel unnatural just because someone else said they were clever. With practice, flirty banter will start to feel more natural.

So next time someone wishes you a nice day, use it as a fun opportunity to make a flirty connection. And who knows, that spark could flourish into something beautiful!

Now you know exactly how to respond when someone says “Have a good day” in a fun, playful way. From reciprocating compliments, using cute emojis, sassy banter, asking questions, and more – you’re equipped with a toolbox of flirty responses for any situation.

The best part about responding flirtatiously is that it makes the other person feel good while putting a smile on your face too. It brightens both people’s days and builds rapport. So stay positive, unapologetically go after what you desire, and have fun connecting.


What are some good flirty responses if I’m not interested romantically?

Even if you don’t want to lead someone on romantically, you can still respond nicely to well wishes like “Have a good day.” Keep it friendly with responses like “Thanks, you too!” or “Aww thanks, appreciate it!” Adding a smiley emoji can also help signify it’s just a polite, platonic exchange.

What if I barely know the person wishing me a nice day?

If an acquaintance or someone you don’t know well seems overly familiar too fast, you can set boundaries gently. Respond politely but not necessarily flirtatiously. Simple well wishes back like “You too, take care!” can work until you get to know them better.

Should my flirty response fit the intent behind their nicety?

Yes, it’s important to consider the context. Understand the likely intent – are they just being polite? Trying to flirt? Gage this before crafting your response. If it was purely platonic politeness, reply politely but avoid getting too flirty too fast unless they show romantic interest later on.

How can I come up with original flirty responses?

Putting your own spin on responses makes things feel more natural. Share an inside joke, make a playful callback to something you talked about before, or get creative with witty wordplay. This shows you care enough to make conversation special between the two of you.

So in summary – consider existing rapport, show you’re listening by referencing past conversations when possible, and gauge their likely intent before responding overly flirtatiously, especially with people you don’t know well. Prioritize making responses feel organic and personalized.

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