Best Flirty Responses to “I’ve Been Thinking About You”

Best Flirty Responses to "I've Been Thinking About You"

Flirty text messages can spice up a romance and build anticipation for the next time you see your crush or partner. But it can be tricky to come up with the perfect response when you get a text like “I’ve been thinking about you.”

This comprehensive guide will give you over 50 examples of fun, playful ways to respond when someone sends you a text saying they can’t stop thinking about you.

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Why Texts Like “Thinking of You” Are Exciting

I've Been Thinking About You

Getting a text from your crush or partner saying they’ve been thinking about you all day elicits a thrill for several reasons:

  • It suggests they like and miss you when you’re not around
  • It means you’ve been on their mind and they want to connect
  • It opens up flirtatious banter opportunities
  • It lays the groundwork for making plans to hang out

In short – a text expressing that someone has been thinking about you means they’re interested in you and looking forward to more interaction.

Flirty responses let the sender know you appreciate their thoughts and share that feeling of anticipation about connecting next.

How to Tell if a “Thinking of You” Text is Flirty, Friendly, or Professional

Thinking of You" Text is Flirty, Friendly, or Professional

Before crafting your response, consider the context of the text and your relationship with the sender to determine if their “thinking of you” message has romantic intentions or not.

Flirty Texts Express a Crush or Romantic Interest

Some signs a “thinking of you” text is flirty include:

  • It’s sent in the evening or mentions missing an earlier interaction
  • It expresses excitement about making plans with you
  • It compliments your appearance or qualities
  • It references inside jokes or brings up past dates
  • It has winky emojis, kissing emojis, or playful teasing

Friendly Texts Show Caring from Plutonic Relationships

You can identify more casual friendly texts by:

  • Mentions of mundane daily activities remind them of you
  • Referencing past hangouts with no romantic undertones
  • The tone feels sweet but not sexually suggestive
  • There are no flirty compliments or date suggestions

Professional Texts Regard Work Topics

With colleagues, texts tend to relate to:

  • Questions or updates about ongoing work projects
  • Following up on tasks mentioned in past meetings
  • Networking and planning quick catch-up coffee chats

Once you’ve determined the romantic intention (or lack thereof), you can shape your response appropriately.

6 Key Goals to Accomplish with Your Response

Best Flirty Responses to "I've Been Thinking About You"

Crafting flirty, clever responses might feel like solving a fun puzzle – and figuring out the right tone and subtext essentially is.

Aim to accomplish these key goals with your texts back:

  1. Appreciate the Thought: Let them know you enjoy hearing from them
  2. Flatter Back: Return a similarly flirty or sweet sentiment
  3. Further the Banter: Keep the playful tone going
  4. Suggest Plans: Propose making plans to hang out next
  5. Match their Interest Level: Reciprocate without going overboard
  6. Leave them Wanting More: Be slightly elusive to build anticipation

Balancing these objectives will lead to making them smile while also building excitement about your next in-person interactions.

Flirty Responses Based on the Sender’s Relationship To You

The exact nature of your connection changes what type of “thinking about you” texts you typically receive, which impacts how you can reply.

Here are tailored examples of fun responses based on three common sender scenarios:

1. Texts from Someone You’re Casually Dating

Texts from Someone You're Casually Dating

When flirty texts come from someone you’re casually dating but not yet in an official relationship with, you want to reciprocate interest without seeming overly invested.

Some playful responses that fit the casual dating dynamic include:

  • “I’ve been thinking about our next date too! What night works for you this weekend?”
  • “Aww thanks, you’re so sweet! I had fun too – we should do it again soon!”
  • “Well don’t think too hard, wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself 😉 What’s new with you today?”
  • “Aw, so you do like me! What exactly were you thinking about? My sparkling wit? My dance moves? My perfect pancakes?”
  • “Oh really? What parts of our date were replaying in your head today?”
  • “You must have ESPN or something because I was just thinking about you too!”
  • “Were you staring off into space daydreaming about me again during meetings? ;)”
  • “Aww, someone has a crush! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me… I may even like you back a little ;)”

These playful texts flatter back while also furthering the banter and suggesting another date. But they avoid sounding too intense at this early stage.

2. Texts from Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Texts From Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

For an established boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s appropriate to get more romantic, sincere, and explicit. Some responses for committed partners include:

  • “I can’t stop thinking about you either babe! Counting down the minutes until I can see you again tonight and cuddle up close.”
  • “I was just reminiscing about our amazing weekend getaway. That view from the hot tub was nice but not as hot as the view of you in that bikini ;)”
  • “Aww, I love you too! I may or may not have been daydreaming about our Panama trip today during class too. Hurry home!”
  • “Were they dirty thoughts at least? You know I love when you talk dirty to me 😉 Why don’t you tell me exactly what you were imagining?”
  • “Well, I can’t have my baby distracting himself at work! Maybe tonight I’ll give you something else to think about instead…”
  • “Oh really? What part of me were you thinking about? My lips? My ass? Tell me more…”
  • “Sigh, I can’t stop thinking about our amazing night together either. You drive me wild when we __!”

For serious relationships, you have a green light to reciprocate desire, reward their vulnerability by opening up too, discuss memories, and allude to future passion.

3. Texts from Someone You’re Crushing On

Texts From Someone You're Crushing On

When exciting flirty texts come from someone you have a crush on but aren’t dating yet, you want to express mutual interest while still moving slowly.

Great responses to crushes include:

  • “Aww that makes my day to hear! I may have been thinking about a cute guy named [their name] once or twice too ;)”
  • “Oh gosh, thinking of me, huh? Should I be blushing? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me…😉”
  • “Well, now you’ve got ME thinking about YOU even more too! Can’t wait to catch up over coffee soon”
  • “I mean I am pretty unforgettable, so it makes sense I’m occupying your thoughts…”
  • “Careful where your mind wanders! But really, so sweet of you to say 🙂 Counting down the minutes till I see your face again!”
  • “Oh my god, I literally can’t stop blushing now! I may have a bit of a crush on you too, just fyi…”
  • “Wow, I’m honored to be in your thoughts! Maybe we’re twinning because you’ve crossed my mind too…”

For crushes, it’s exciting to reciprocate feelings. But still, leave some mystery for future dates.

Clever & Flirty Texts Responding to “Thinking of You”

Flirty Texts Responding to "Thinking of You"

To spark inspiration for crafting your personalized flirty responses, here are over 30 examples covering various tones from sweet to spicy:

Sweet, Romantic Responses

If you want to express heartfelt affection, you could say:

  • “Aww, you brighten my day whenever you cross my mind too! Can’t wait to connect in person again soon babe.”
  • “This made me smile so big! I’ve been thinking about you constantly since our last date too, handsome.”
  • “Aw, great minds do think alike! I may or may not have been reminiscing about our last passionate night together…”
  • “You are just the sweetest ever! Counting down the minutes until I can show you just how much I’ve missed you too!”
  • “I may have just been having some warm, fuzzy daydreams about a certain someone myself…”
  • “You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that! I can’t wait to smother you in cuddles later.”
  • “Well now YOU are going to be on my mind constantly with thoughts of when I can see your adorable face next!”
  • “Ugh, get out of my head because now I can’t stop thinking about your sexy body against

What if I’m unsure about their intentions with a “thinking of you” text?

If you’re ambiguous about whether a “thinking of you” text from your crush is friendly or flirty, don’t fret. You can craft an open-ended frisky response like “Oh really? Tell me more about what exactly you were thinking…” This leaves room for them to clarify further or escalate the flirtation.

What if we haven’t talked in a while before their text?

If you receive a sweet text out of the blue after not chatting for a while, you can break the ice with a punchy comeback like “Well, well, look who finally decided to grace me with their texts again! Took you long enough 😉 What have you been up to stranger?” This playfully calls out the gap since your last talk while inviting them to reconnect.

What are some subtle, unique compliments to return?

Rather than a generic “Aww thanks, you look nice too!” you can stand out by highlighting specific attributes in your response like “Aww shucks, got me blushing over here! But I mean, have you SEEN your smile? Killer…” This hypes their best qualities.

Should I suggest a date or is that too forward?

Suggesting concrete hang-out plans can amp up the excitement after a flirty text exchange. If you feel ready to get together and want to be bold, send a text with “We both have the other on our minds lately…maybe we should get together for dinner this Friday and chat in person. Thoughts?” If you get a positive response, it’s a green light for scheduling your hot date!

What are your favorite flirty emojis to sprinkle in texts?

Emojis are a prime tool to convey tone and subtext with minimal words. Some stellar flirty emojis to incorporate include the smirking face 😏, winky kiss 😘, red lip marks 💋, peach emoji 🍑 for booty references, flex arm 💪, salsa dancer 💃🏻 if you mention your moves, fire flame 🔥for hotness, and the drooling face 🤤 if desired!

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