Bachelorette Party Card Sayings: 50+ Messages To Write!

Bachelorette Party Card Sayings: 50+ Messages To Write!


The sun is shining, the champagne is flowing, and your best girlfriends are all around you laughing and celebrating. It’s finally time for that iconic bachelorette bash you’ve been looking forward to! As the bride-to-be, this weekend is about you and your closest friends pampering you with fun activities, gifts, and heartfelt memories to honor your upcoming marriage.

Bachelorette Party

One of the most special bachelorette party traditions? The handwritten cards were gifted to the bride from each friend. These bachelorette party card messages are far more than simply “Congratulations!” They’re personalized notes filled with inside jokes, embarrassing stories, thoughtful wishes, and nostalgic glimpses back at friendships and wild single days gone by.

In this blog post, we’ll explore over 50 unique bachelorette card sayings and message ideas to inspire your own meaningful, memorable notes to the bride. Get ready for plenty of laugh-out-loud funny quotes, cheeky innuendos, and sentimental lines that are sure to become treasured keepsakes. We’ll also cover some etiquette tips for bachelorette cards and creative presentation ideas to make your message stand out.

Let’s dive into how you can craft customized heartfelt, hilarious, and hands-down unforgettable bachelorette party card messages for the bride!

Types of Bachelorette Party Card Messages

When drafting your message to the bride, reflect on your relationship and choose a style that suits your bond. Here are over 15 bachelorette card message types to inspire you.

Types of Bachelorette Party Card Messages

Message Type Description
Funny/Humorous Messages that set a fun, celebratory mood and are sure to make the bride laugh.
Sentimental Heartfelt messages that express love and best wishes for the bride.
Empowering Messages that lift the bride up with words of affirmation and praise.
Naughty/Cheeky Playful messages with subtle or not-so-subtle sexual humor and innuendos.
Heartfelt Wishes for the Bride and Groom Messages that celebrate the bride and also wish well for the couple’s future.
Pop Culture Card Messages Messages infused with references from the bride’s favorite movies, books, or shows.
DIY Crafts as Messages Ideas for creative DIY gifts or crafts that can be included with the card.

Funny/Humorous Bachelorette Card Messages

Humorous cards set a fun, celebratory mood. The bride will treasure the laughter for years.

Funny Bachelorette One-Liners

One-liners give an instant chuckle. Some ideas:

  • “Let’s get drunk enough to make bad decisions but sober enough to remember them!”
  • “May your last night of freedom be your wildest!”
  • “Tonight, the drinks are on the groom!”
  • “What happens at the bachelorette party gets posted all over social media.”
  • “Chug if you ever hooked up with a groomsman!”

Tailor one-liners by referencing inside jokes or past adventures. Like “Here’s to [City] where we learned twerking on bars is frowned upon!”

Funny Bachelorette Poems/Limericks

Get clever with rhymes. For example:

Roses are red, and tequila is too
Take tons of shots, like we used to do! Dancing on tables, staying out late
Let’s make this a bachelorette bash to celebrate!

There once was a bride full of joy
Ready to meet the right boy She partied all night
With her friends, happy and bright Now let’s get drunk – woo hoo!

Make it personalized by weaving in hometowns, inside jokes, etc.

Bachelorette Mad Libs

Mad libs invite everyone to get silly. Print out customized templates:

“[Bride’s name] is getting hitched, hip hip hooray!
She’s dreamed of this day for [number] years, yay! We’ll celebrate all night with [beverage] in hand
And hope she still walks down the aisle as planned!”

Encourage hilarious word choices by prompting things like favorite snacks or drinks, embarrassing memories, etc.

Funny Bachelorette Games

Play racy versions of classic party games, like Pinning Junk on a Hunk or Never Have I Ever.

Some game ideas:

  • Bachelorette Jeopardy with inside joke answers -Pin the Junk on the Hunk
  • How well does the bride know her man? Newlywed game
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Most Likely to Superlatives

Funny Bachelorette Quotes from Pop Culture

Quoting iconic movies, shows, songs, and books adds humor:

  • “I’m getting married in the morning! Ding dong the bells are gonna chime!” (From “My Fair Lady”)
  • “We’ll always have Vegas…and now I’ll never have it again!” (From “Casablanca”)

Choose quotes connected to the bride’s faves. Like “Help me [bride], you’re my only hope” for a Star Wars fan.

Funny Nicknames or Inside Jokes

Nicknames like “Most Likely to Drunk Text” show you know her well.

Example inside jokes:

  • “Who knew the secret to getting free drinks was shoving olives up our noses?”
  • “Please nobody let [bride] near the karaoke machine after 3 margaritas…”

Signature Bachelorette Party Cocktail Recipes

Craft cocktails with cheeky naughty names like “The Last Fling Before the Ring.”

Some ideas:

The Runaway Bride

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz cranberry juice
  • Splash of champagne

Bridesmaid Walk of Shame

  • 1 oz tequila
  • 2 oz orange juice
  • Splash of grenadine

Make them themed to the bride’s tastes and wedding style.

Funny Bachelorette Memes/Ecards

Tongue-in-cheek ecards give instant laughs:

Find ones that play off pop culture she likes or customized templates.

Funny Bachelorette Haikus

Haikus are quirky and amusing:

Partying all night,
Dancing like no one’s around, You’re getting married!

One last fling, my friend.
Hold nothing back now – go nuts! Marriage awaits you.

Sentimental Bachelorette Card Messages

Bachelorette Card Messages

While humor sets the mood, sentimental messages make the bride feel loved.

Heartfelt Bachelorette Wishes

Dig deep for a thoughtful sentiment like:

“Marriage isn’t just about finding your soulmate – it’s also about staying best friends forever. Cheers to never letting our friendship fade.”

“Your wedding day will be magical, but marriage is what matters. I know you’re going to build something beautiful together.”

Shared Memories

Reminisce over favorite memories, inside jokes, and experiences:

“Remember senior year spring break when we got stranded overnight in the Dallas airport during that freak blizzard? We turned it into our little slumber party, and I knew then I found my lifelong best friend.”

“I’ll never forget the epic road trip to Nashville when your car broke down and we had to hitchhike with that hilarious elderly couple. Our friendship has taken us on so many adventures together – and the best is yet to come.”

Sweet Friendship Quotes

Look to poignant sayings on friendship:

“There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” – Mark Twain

Sentimental Poems

Rhyming poems can beautifully convey heartfelt emotions. For example:

As you walk down the aisle, I’ll proudly smile,
So happy you found your true love.
You’ll start this new life, As his wedded wife,
With my friendship and warm hugs thereof.

The time we had as kids and teens,
Forever stored in my fondest dreams.
We’ve grown up together, you and me, Friendship bonded in loyalty.
As you begin married life and make a new start, Know I’m always here to play the best friend part.

Empowering Bachelorette Messages

Empowering Bachelorette Messages

Lift the bride with words of affirmation and praise.

  • List inspiring mantras she can repeat on her big day:
    • “I am strong. I am confident. I am worthy of love.”
    • “My future shines bright with hope.”
    • “I am bold and fearless as I take this next step.”
  • Find empowering quotes by influential thinkers, authors, and historical figures:
    • “You are the hero of your own story.” – Nora Ephron
    • “She believed she could, so she did.” – R.S. Grey
    • “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” – Nora Ephron
  • Recognize amazing qualities you admire about the bride – her determination, resilience, heart, ambition, spirit, etc.

Naughty/Cheeky Bachelorette Card Messages

Get playful with subtle (or not!) sexual humor and innuendos.

Cheeky Drinking Games

  • Naughty “Never have I ever…” statements
  • Pass out risque bachelorette-themed drinking game cards

Sexual Innuendos/Puns

  • “May all your fantasies come true…tonight!”
  • “Time to add some X-rated fun to the bachelorette party agenda!”
  • “For your last night out, let’s make some bad decisions!”

Saucy Bachelorette Mad Libs

Fill in the blanks for hilarious results:

“Hope you enjoy your last [adjective] fling before putting on the ring! Make sure to get plenty of action with the [plural noun].”

Dramatic Farewells to Single Life

“Farewell sweet sinful single days of [bride]’s past. As she leaves your wild pleasures behind, we honor you one last time. So tonight we’ll get naughty and naked because soon she’ll be blah blah happily ever after.”

Risque Gifts/Party Supplies

Naughty gifts are given with creativity and cheekiness:

  • Sexy coupons for newlyweds
  • Sex toy “bridal shower”
  • Printed list of groom’s best assets

Note: Keep it tasteful – know the bride’s limits!

Heartfelt Wishes for the Bride And Groom

Heartfelt Wishes for the Bride And Groom

While you celebrate the bride, also toast to her future with her groom.

  • Give well wishes for the couple’s joy, adventures and love. Be specific in wishing them health, laughter and prosperity.
  • Weave in sweet details about the groom – how you’ve seen him cherish her, funny memories or inside jokes that show your affection.
  • Share hopes you have for their marriage – that they continue growing together, supporting each other’s dreams, creating traditions.


“Wishing you a lifetime of joy and happiness together. May your marriage be blessed with love, understanding and togetherness.”

“Thank you for letting me witness and share in the beautiful love you have together. I wish you both the very best in the years ahead.”

Original Poems

Display your literary skills through a rhyming verse like:

The time has come, dear friend of mine,
Your new life is about to shine.
You’ll walk down the aisle in a dress of white, To your groom you’ll be quite a sight.
Enjoy this special day from start to end, And know our friendship will never end.
I’m filled with joy for your chosen mate,
And the wonderful future that awaits!

Make poems lighthearted, romantic, humorous – whatever fits your relationship.

Song Lyrics/Quotes

Song lyrics or favorite quotes make great Instagram captions too.

Lyrics ideas:

  • “You and me we’re gonna be a big ol’ family! And it filled my heart with love and hope for a happy ever after!” (From Mika’s “Stardust”)
  • “I found my one true love, my life has just begun!” (From ABBA’s “I Do”)

Look for quotes connected to her interests or values:

  • “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing throbbing moment.” – The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (For romance fans)

Pop Culture Card Messages

Infuse pop culture that means something to her:

  • Quote her favorite rom-com movie like “You had me at hello.” (Jerry Maguire)
  • Use lyrics from a musical she loves
  • Work in references to books she adores

Suggest fun bachelorette activities inspired by her pop culture obsessions:

  • Friends – Play trivia, make “pivot!” jokes
  • Harry Potter – DIY butterbeer, candy bar in Hogwarts colors
  • The Office – Pin the Dundie on Michael Scott

DIY Crafts as Messages

Make something heartfelt from scratch:

  • Photo album/scrapbook of memories
  • Customized purse with wedding date and initials
  • Decorated recipe box filled with faves
  • Childhood collage in a frame
  • Spotify playlist on a customized flash drive

Creative Ways to Present Card Messages

Creative Ways to Present Card Messages

Presentation Idea Description
Cute Gift Wrapping Use bridal colors or themes to wrap the card, making it visually appealing.
Give Alongside Small Gifts Include small gifts that complement the message, such as a themed trinket or accessory.
Present via a Scavenger Hunt Create a fun scavenger hunt leading to the card, adding an element of surprise.
Fortune Cookies with Message Place the message inside fortune cookies for an interactive and tasty reveal.
Games to Play with Cards Incorporate the cards into games like bachelorette trivia or card scavenger hunts.

Amp up the presentation with:

  • Cute gift wrapping – use bridal colors/themes
  • Give alongside small gifts that complement the message
  • Present the card via a scavenger hunt
  • Fortune cookies with the message inside

Games to Play With Bachelorette Cards

Double the cards as games:

  • Bachelorette trivia
  • Card scavenger hunts
  • Wedding dress paper dolls where guests decorate dolls based on cards

The options are endless! Choose ideas that gel with the bride’s personality and interests.

Key Tips for Crafting Bachelorette Card Messages

  • Make it funny! Humorous cards get the party started.
  • Get personal with inside jokes and memories. Sentiment goes a long way.
  • Weave in pop culture she loves like movies, books, and music.
  • Present your card creatively for the extra wow factor.
  • Pick message styles and games that fit the bride. Customize!
  • Balance classic and trendy for a timeless keepsake.

Most importantly, comes from the heart! Handwritten bachelorette cards are priceless mementos.

How to Customize Your Bachelorette Card Message: 10 Tips

Bachelorette cards become priceless keepsakes when filled with personalized details and memories. How do you make your message feel like it was specially crafted just for the bride? Follow these 10 tips to add a customized touch she’ll treasure.

Brainstorm Special Moments Together

First, reflect on your relationship’s highlights and inside jokes. Jot down:

  • Funny memories like mishaps on trips
  • Shared adventures like crazy nights out
  • Heartfelt moments showing your bond
  • Nicknames you call each other
  • Any recurring jokes and phrases

Really pick your friendship history apart – even forgotten memories become funny with the right spin!

Make a List of Her Quirks

Now note down little details that capture the bride’s unique spirit:

  • Her taste in music, movies, books
  • Favorite foods and drinks
  • Pet names for her fiancé
  • Goofy habits and mannerisms
  • Phrases she uses often

Small quirks you notice help customize your message to her.

Ask Friends for Help Brainstorming

Get an outside perspective by asking friends:

  • “What’s your favorite memory with [bride]?”
  • “Any funny stories you remember about her?”
  • “What weird habits does she have?”
  • “What makes her relationship with [groom] special?”

Compile the best anecdotes in your card!

Research Wedding Details

Use wedding facts to add thoughtful touches:

  • How they met
  • The proposal story
  • Wedding theme and colors
  • Honeymoon destination
  • New home details

It shows effort when you weave in info the bride may have mentioned.

Make it About Inside Jokes

Skip generic “Congratulations!” and instead say:

  • “Who knew olives up the nose would get us free drinks?”
  • “Get ready for margarita karaoke night!”
  • “So when’s the Vegas bachelorette redo?”

Relive your most hilarious memories through inside jokes.

Use Special Nicknames

Show your bond through names like:

  • “[Bride’s first name] Bear”
  • “Twinkle Toes [Bride]”
  • “[City]-nights [Bride]” (after wild hometown nights)

Cutesy names make romantic messages more personal.

Work in Pop Culture Favorites

Customize with her pop culture obsessions like:

  • Favorite book series
  • Beloved movie/TV show
  • Childhood celebrity crush
  • Top ’90s songs

Quoting a fandom shows you get her.

Give a Nod to Her Style

Note little things that define her style:

  • Signature lipstick color
  • Go-to Starbucks order
  • Brand of mascara she’s loyal to
  • Favorite emoji
  • Most used Instagram filter

It’s all in the details she’ll appreciate.

Share Your Hopes for Her Future

Make wishes intimate by including hopes like:

  • “I hope you take the epic camper van honeymoon of your dreams!”
  • “May your new home be filled with laughter, giant cuddly doggos, and fiercely happy memories.”

Looking ahead makes your message more meaningful.

Handwrite It!

Skip digital – handwrite your card for a personalized touch:

  • Use nice stationery in her favorite color
  • Break out colored pens and decorative lettering
  • Include hand-drawn doodles and stickers

Written by hand, your sincerity shines through.

The key to crafting bachelorette wishes she’ll treasure? Make your shared history and special bond shine through. By customizing your message with exclusive inside jokes, thoughtful details and handwritten sincerity, you create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Bachelorette Party Etiquette: Tips for Writing the Perfect Card

Bachelorette cards are a chance to get cheeky, naughty and laugh-out-loud funny as you relive wild single days. But how far is too far when it comes to bawdy humor?

Follow these bachelorette party etiquette tips to ensure your card hits the right note of fun and thoughtful.

Give the Card Privately

While bachelorette parties are all about unforgettable group memories, give any risqué cards privately to the bride. This avoids awkwardness with more conservative friends or family members who may read them later.

Present your naughty messages discreetly to the bride on:

  • A girls’ spa day
  • During wedding dress shopping
  • At home wine night catch-ups

She’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Know the Audience

Carefully evaluate who will be attending the bachelorette bash and their humor style. How far can you take the sexual jokes?

Err on the side of caution if guests include:

  • The bride’s mother or aunts
  • Reserved friends who may get uncomfortable
  • Newer friends you aren’t super close with

Keep things PG-13 if the crowd is mixed company.

Establish Ground Rules

Agree as a group on boundaries for the bachelorette party vibe. Explain any etiquette ground rules around:

  • Drinking levels and alcohol safety
  • Photo posting on social media
  • Approval is needed before inviting strangers
  • How risqué or profanity-laced you can go

This avoids hurt feelings or pushback on content.

No Shaming

While cheeky innuendos about wild oats sowing are standard, never shame the bride with messages like:

  • Slut shaming remarks
  • Jokes about “last chances” that imply regret
  • Overly crass references about appearance/body

Keep the tone fun and empowering, not degrading.

Consider All Perspectives

Remember the card may be seen later by the bride’s fiancé, future in-laws, or even children down the road.

Avoid messages that:

  • Mock/degrade the groom
  • Air serious drama in the relationship
  • Share extremely graphic details of past hookups

Use discretion about what will emotionally resonate years later.

Emphasize Your Shared Bond

Redirect the focus from raunchy humor to your special connection through:

  • Heartfelt wishes for the couple’s future joy
  • Sentimental memories only you share
  • Cute nicknames showing how you get here

Making it personal adds meaning that lasts.

Check With the Bride

When in doubt, ask the bride directly about her preferences on:

  • The overall vibe she wants
  • If certain memories are better left unmentioned
  • Nicknames or jokes she’d rather not highlight
  • Whether her in-laws will see the card later

Let the bride call the shots to make sure you get it right.

Keep Private Details Off Social Media

The cardinal rule of bachelorette party etiquette?

No posting risqué messages or inside jokes publicly on social media without the bride’s permission.

While Instagram may seem temporary, offensive posts can resurface. Always confirm with the bride before posting photos or comments from the party she may not want to be memorialized online.

Focus on Sisterhood

Steer clear of catty remarks between bridesmaids or judgmental comments on the groom/relationship.

Instead, focus on uplifting messages like:

  • Praising the bride’s best qualities
  • Celebrating how far you’ve all come
  • Emphasizing memories only your group shares
  • Toasting to the happiness you wish for her

Sisterhood first keeps the tone positive.

Keeping these etiquette guidelines in mind helps craft bachelorette messages that show respect for the bride while still capturing the silly revelry of the night. Most importantly, check with the bride for her personal comfort level. When in doubt, remember the “grandma rule” – if you’d be mortified for grandma to read it, reconsider!

Timeless vs Trendy Bachelorette Card Messages

Do you go for messages tied to trendy pop culture moments that will become dated fast? Or timeless sentiments the bride can treasure forever?

When crafting your bachelorette card, aim for the best of both worlds – contemporary fun balanced with eternal memories.

Timeless Bachelorette Card Messages

Timeless messages stand the test of time by focusing on:

Shared History and Inside Jokes

Reminisce over private memories only you share, like:

  • Childhood stories
  • Silly nicknames
  • Hilarious mishaps on trips
  • Inside jokes about past antics

These exclusive memories have lifelong resonance.

Heartfelt Sentiment

Express sincere wishes for her happiness and marriage:

  • Hopes for their future joy
  • Appreciation for your friendship
  • Promises you’ll always be there
  • Gratitude for being part of her journey

Earnest sentiment means just as much now as ever.

Handmade Personal Touches

Make it special with handwritten notes, drawings, and crafts:

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  • Decorative lettering
  • Photos glued in
  • Childhood memorabilia
  • DIY scrapbook chronicling your history

One-of-a-kind touches become priceless heirlooms.

Trendy Pop Culture Bachelorette Card Messages

On the flip side, today’s top trends keep messages fresh and contemporary:

Pop Culture Quotes

Quoting current music, movies, and slang taps into what’s hot now:

  • Lyrics from chart-topping songs
  • Lines from a new hit rom-com
  • Slang like “spill the tea”
  • Viral meme references

Of-the-moment pop culture brings Levity and laughs.

Timely Humor

Joke about whatever is buzzy in entertainment and news:

  • Poke fun at celeb gossip of the moment
  • Relate to the latest funny social media craze
  • Riff on zeitgeist topics like astrology

Humor tailored to today’s delights…for now.

On Trend Gifting

Give fun gifts hitting current fads:

  • Bride squad t-shirts with pop culture pun
  • Custom wine glass with “groomzilla”
  • Makeup palette riding the revival wave

Faddy gift ideas excite me temporarily.

Achieving the Right Balance

While trendy messages may become stale over time, you can find balance by:

  • Mixing current humor with forever sentiment in your card message
  • Making pop culture references unique by adding the bride’s name/details
  • Focusing on nostalgia trends from the bride’s childhood/teen era
  • Crafting gifts fusing timeless photo keepsakes with of-the-moment accessories

Blend classic and contemporary for the best of both worlds. The bride will laugh along with today’s jokes while still cherishing your card years from now.

Examples of Balanced Bachelorette Card Messages

Message Timeless Element Trendy Element
“WAP until you see the wedding cake!” (song lyric + wordplay) Clever rhyme and wordplay Trendy song lyric reference
“Don’t worry bridezilla, I got a venti cold brew with your name on it!” Nickname calling back to earlier memory Buzzword “bridezilla”
“You’ve got this confidence thing on lock! Now let’s get that ring on rock!” Compliment about her character Wordplay on “rock”
Scrunchie gift with a photo of you as ’90s kids Nostalgic photo Scrunchie trend gift

Aim for the sweet spot of blending classic and contemporary to delight the bride both today and for all the anniversaries to come.

Crafting a Memorable Bachelorette Card Message: A Recap

With so many options for bachelorette card messages, where do you start to make yours meaningful? Follow these key tips as a recap.

Most Popular Bachelorette Card Message Styles

Humorous – One-liners, poems, games, and pop culture jokes show your playful side.

Sentimental – Heartfelt wishes, shared memories, and friendship quotes express love.

Empowering – Mantras, inspirational quotes, and praise lift her up.

Naughty – Subtle innuendos, cheeky gifts, and dramatic farewells to single life add risqué humor.

Romantic – Well wishes for the couple’s future joy and appreciation for their love.

Original – Custom poems, song lyrics, and DIY gifts highlight your creativity.

Pop Culture – Quotes, memes, and references tailored to her fandoms show you get her.

Make Your Message Unique With Personal Touches

Generic bachelorette wishes won’t stand out from the crowd. Customize your message to the bride with:

  • Inside jokes only you share
  • Silly nicknames or memories of adventures
  • References to favorite snacks, drinks, sayings
  • Wedding/honeymoon details that show you listened
  • Hopes for her next chapter that reflect her knowledge of her dreams

Handwritten notes feel extra special. Break out colored pens, cute stationery, and drawings.

Focus on the Positive

While naughty humor has its place, avoid negativity. Craft an uplifting message celebrating:

  • The bride’s happiest memories and proudest accomplishments
  • Your wonderful friendship and belief in each other
  • Her finding a loving partner and nurturing that relationship
  • All she has to look forward to in married life

Express gratitude for your bond standing the test of time.

Make the Bride Feel Special

This weekend is all about pampering the bride. Let your message convey:

  • You appreciate her – Share specific qualities that make her a good friend.
  • You support her – Express genuine excitement for her next chapter.
  • You know her – Use inside jokes and personal details.
  • She deserves this – Remind her this time is just for her.

Flatter and celebrate who she is.

Create Lasting Memories

Long after the cocktails fade, an unforgettable card keeps the night alive. Make your message one she’ll treasure by:

  • Making her laugh through funny memories only you can share.
  • Making her cry happy tears with meaningful sentiment.
  • Making her feel special by customizing details just for her.
  • Making her feel loved for who she is.

Crafting the perfect bachelorette card is all about letting your shared history shine through. Personalize your message to show her she’s cherished – as a bride and a lifelong best friend.

Conclusion: Crafting the Ultimate Bachelorette Card Message

Bachelorette Card Message

As the bachelorette party approaches, keep these final tips in mind when writing your card to the bride:

Key Takeaways for Bachelorette Card Messages

Make it laugh-out-loud funny – One-liners, games, inside jokes bring the comedy.

Make it sentimental – Nostalgic memories and heartfelt wishes show you care.

Make it personalized – Use inside jokes, wedding details, her quirks.

Make it stand out – Pop culture quotes, poems, creative gifts add flair.

Make it tasteful – Follow etiquette with risqué humor.

Make it uplifting – Focus on positive messages about love and friendship.

Make it heartfelt – Handwritten notes feel extra special.

Make it memorable! Share your unique bond authentically.

Tips for Customizing Your Message

Use special nicknames“You got this Twinkle Toes!”
Note quirky habits“Stay weird and wonderful!”
Ask friends for story ideas“Remember the Vegas pool mishap we all promised to never again speak of?”
Research wedding details“Your honeymoon in Italy will be magnifico!”
Add handwritten flourishesColored pens, drawings, decorative lettering

Remember Bachelorette Party Etiquette

  • Give risqué messages privately
  • Establish ground rules upfront
  • Avoid shaming or TMI
  • Keep the focus on friendship
  • Check with the bride on sharing plans online
  • When in doubt, don’t overshare!


However you choose to celebrate the bride, your card will become a treasured keepsake when you make it personal. Have fun reliving hilarious antics but also express your genuine well wishes. She’ll be touched knowing she has your friendship and support for life. That’s what bachelorette bonding is all about!

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