50 Powerful Messages to Write on a Postcard

50 Powerful Messages To Write On A Postcard

Sending postcards is a timeless tradition that allows you to share a small piece of your travels with loved ones back home. However, figuring out what to write on the postcard can be challenging with limited space.

This comprehensive guide provides excellent postcard message ideas for every recipient and occasion. Follow these tips to craft meaningful, witty, or heartfelt notes tailored to your audience and destination.

A Brief History of Postcards

Postcards have a long and fascinating history dating back to the late 1800s. Understanding the origins and evolution of postcards can help appreciate their enduring charm:

Year Postcard Milestone Significance
1840s Government-issued postcards originate in Austria Provided an affordable way for the public to send short messages
1861 First commercially produced picture postcards in the US Focused on black and white city scenes due to expensive color printing
1898 Picture postcards boom after Chicago World’s Fair Color lithographic printing drives widespread popularity
1901 Postcards peak with 677 million mailed in the US Most common use of postal service this year
1907 Postcard rates introduced at 1 cent Made sending domestic postcards very affordable
1915 Real photo postcards emerge Printed from actual photographs on photo paper rather than lithographs
1930s Great Depression signals end of the “golden age” Telephones become more commonplace
1970s Postcard collecting renewed Vintage scenes evoke nostalgia
Today Postcards remain popular for travel, holidays, occasions Capture current cultural trends
  • 1840s – The first government-issued postcards originated in Austria. The cards provided a simple way for the public to send short messages affordably.
  • 1861 – The first commercially produced picture postcards emerged in the United States. Printing color images was expensive, so early postcards focused on black-and-white city scenes.
  • 1898 – Picture postcards exploded at the World’s Fair in Chicago. Affordable color lithographic printing drove widespread popularity.
  • 1901 – Picture postcards peaked as the most common use of the postal service. Approximately 677 million postcards were mailed this year in the United States alone.
  • 1907 – The introduction of postcard rates made sending a domestic postcard affordable at just one cent. Postcards opened communication globally.
  • 1915 – Real photo postcards emerged, printed from actual photographs on photo paper rather than lithographs. These added even greater personalization.
  • 1930s – The Great Depression signaled the end of the “golden age” of postcards. Telephones have become more commonplace.
  • 1970s – A renewed interest in collecting sparked a postcard revival. Vintage scenes evoked nostalgia.
  • Today – Postcards remain popular for travel, special occasions, holidays, and simply as mail. Modern postcards capture current cultural trends.

Understanding this rich history helps reveal why postcards retain such nostalgia and charm.

Choosing the Perfect Postcard

Choosing the Perfect Postcard

Selecting the ideal postcard for your recipients and travels enhances your message. Consider:

  • Location – Showcase where you are with images of landmarks, scenery, or cityscapes. Write about your experiences there.
  • Vintage or modern – Choose classic vintage scenes or modern designs reflecting current trends.
  • Photographs – Opt for real photo postcards with pictures you took printed directly on them.
  • Artistic – Select artsy cards with paintings, drawings, or graphic designs.
  • Funny – Amusing images like cartoons or humorous cards inject personality.
  • Special occasions – Cards with holiday designs or birthday motifs add meaning.
  • Blank – Blank cards allow room for long messages and flexibility.
  • Shape/size – Pick unique cards or large oversized options for impact.
  • Budget – Standard rectangular postcards are the most affordable option.

By picking the perfect photo, style, and size you enhance the meaning and charm of your personalized note.

Postcard Etiquette and Formatting

While postcards are informal, following proper etiquette ensures your recipients can easily read and cherish their cards:

what to write on a postcard
  • Leave space for the address – Don’t write across the entire back. Leave room on the top right or bottom half for the delivery address.
  • Write clearly – Use neat handwriting so your message is legible. Black or blue ink shows up best.
  • Keep it brief – With limited space, keep your message short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Include the date – List the date you are writing so recipients understand the context.
  • Sign your name – Close with your name so your recipients know who sent the thoughtful postcard.
  • Use appropriate postage – Standard domestic or international stamps are required. Additional postage may be needed for thicker cards.

50 Postcard Message Ideas for Every Occasion

Postcard For Friends

Postcard For Friends
  1. Wish you were here! The beach is beautiful but would be even better with my best friend by my side.
  2. Greetings from Paris! Saw the Mona Lisa today. Can’t wait to swap travel stories when I’m home!
  3. Having an amazing time in Hawaii, but the drinks just aren’t as fun without my partner in crime.
  4. The mountains are calling, and I must go! Speaking of adventure, wasn’t [past trip] so much fun? We need to start planning our next escapade!
  5. Room with a view! I’m writing this postcard looking out at the gorgeous Swiss Alps. Almost as beautiful as the view from our favorite cafe back home.
  6. Eating the best tacos of my life in Mexico City! Don’t worry, I’ll bring back my secret taco recipe to cook for you.
  7. Bonjour de Paris! Today I saw some hilarious mimes performing in the park, which totally reminded me of our mime impressions from Halloween last year!
  8. Greetings from Rome, where I may or may not have gotten lost in the city streets…three times. Who knew I’d be so hopeless without my trusty tour guide (you) here with me!?
  9. Having an incredible time touring wineries in Napa Valley. Can’t wait to open a bottle and toast to our friendship when I’m home!
  10. Saw the coolest street performers today in New Orleans! I’ll teach you their dance moves when I’m back so we can bust them out on the dance floor together.

Postcards for Family Members

Postcards for Family Members
  1. The Louvre was magnificent – I know you’d love the paintings! Thinking of you and can’t wait to see you soon!
  2. Wish you were here hiking through the breathtaking mountains with me in Banff. The next outdoor adventure is on me when I’m home!
  3. Sun, sand, and family bonding – this beach vacation has been so wonderful. Thanks for inspiring me to take time off to relax and recharge.
  4. Having the best time visiting Grandma in Florida. We’ve been doing puzzles, baking cookies, and reminiscing about the “good old days.” Sending my love!
  5. The fall colors here in Cape Cod are incredible! We absolutely need to take a family trip here next year to see it in person.
  6. Greetings from Disney World! We’ve been riding Space Mountain and splashing on water rides all day. The kids are having a blast but wish you were here with us!
  7. Touring the castles in Scotland has been incredible. Learned so much history I can’t wait to share with you over tea when I’m home!
  8. Eating the best pizza of my life in Italy! I’ll teach you how to make homemade dough so we can recreate it together in the kitchen.
  9. Hello from Peru! Hiked an incredible Incan trail to Machu Picchu today. The views were stunning – can’t wait to bore you with all my trip photos!
  10. Having a blast at the county fair! Just rode the Ferris wheel and am now stuffed on corn dogs. Wish you were here to enjoy the fried fair food with me!

Postcard For a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

  1. Wishing you were here to take romantic walks with me along the Seine in Paris. Counting down the days until we’re reunited.
  2. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder – so true! Missing you more with each incredible sight I see. Yours always, [name].
  3. Aloha from Hawaii! The beaches are stunning but not nearly as beautiful as your smile. Can’t wait to see your face again.
  4. Greetings from Napa! The wine is delicious but would taste even sweeter if you were here to cheers with me!
  5. Having an amazing time but can’t stop wishing you were here to share sunsets on the beach and romantic dinners with. Love you!
  6. The mountains here are gorgeous but not nearly as breathtaking as your eyes. Thinking of you and counting down the moments until I’m home!
  7. Touring castles makes me think of fairytales. You’re the handsome prince charming I couldn’t wait to live happily ever after with!
  8. **Hello from the City of Love – Paris! It’s romantic but not quite as magical without my favorite person by my side. Can’t wait for our next adventure together! **
  9. Eating gelato makes me think of our first date at the ice cream parlor. The treats are delicious but not as sweet as you!
  10. The ocean breeze is refreshing but I still can’t wait to be home breathing in your scent and falling asleep in your arms. Love and miss you!

Humorous Postcards

  1. Greetings from Australia! Saw a kangaroo today AND learned what a “shrimp on the barbie” actually is. Mind blown!
  2. Aloha from Hawaii! I’m attempting to surf but mostly just swallowing salt water and sand. At least I’m getting exercise flailing around!
  3. Bonjour de Paris! I’m now an expert on mimes after an entire troupe followed me for 4 blocks. Apparently they found my confused gestures hilarious!
  4. Hello from Peru! Tried some questionable local delicacies today, including guinea pig stew. Let’s just say it tasted as bad as it sounds!
  5. Wish you were here sipping fruity drinks on the beach with me in the Caribbean! But also low key glad you aren’t here to steal the little umbrellas out of my beverages.
  6. Greetings from Napa! Accidentally ordered a $500 bottle of wine last night since I forgot I don’t speak a lick of French. Whoops!
  7. Having a blast backpacking through Europe! My navigation skills seem to have stayed home though, considering I’ve gotten lost in every city so far!
  8. Hello from the UK! Tried fish and chips today and finally understand why you love it so much. Please make this for dinner every night when I’m home!
  9. Aloha from Hawaii! Turns out my sunscreen application skills are just as questionable as my surfing abilities judging by my angry lobster red sunburn.
  10. Went on an incredible hike today in the Swiss Alps! The mountain air must have gone to my head though because I definitely sang Sound of Music songs out loud the whole time.

Romantic Postcards

Romantic Postcards
  1. The beaches here are stunning, but nothing compares to your beauty. Counting down the moments until I’m home again with you!
  2. Wine tasting makes me appreciate having a partner who loves laughing with me as much as you do! Cheers to date nights when I’m home!
  3. Walking the streets of Paris hand-in-hand is romantic, but nothing feels as right as holding your hand. Miss you!
  4. The mountains here are majestic but not nearly as breathtaking as your smile. Thinking of you!
  5. Aloha from paradise! The ocean is dazzling but I still can’t wait to get lost in your eyes again.
  6. The sunsets are beautiful here in Greece, but none compare to admiring the sunset glow on your face. Wish you were here to enjoy them with me!
  7. Hello from the most romantic city in the world! Paris is lovely but feels empty without your presence. Counting the minutes until I’m with you again!
  8. The sound of the ocean waves is soothing, but I still can’t wait to hear your voice again. Only you make my heart skip a beat!
  9. Walking along cobblestone streets reminds me of the paths we’ve walked together. Can’t wait to stroll hand-in-hand again soon!
  10. The Eiffel Tower sparkles at night, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the way your smile lights up any room. Missing you!

Writing Postcards to Kids

Writing Postcards to Kids
Kid Age Range Postcard Style Message Focus
Under 6 Bright colors, cartoons Simple descriptions, promised gifts
6-10 Travel scenes, characters Questions, funny stories
10-14 Pop culture references Inside jokes, appreciation

If you’re sending a postcard to children like nieces, nephews, grandkids, or a friend’s young one, adapt your message with:

  • Bright, colorful, or cartoonish postcard designs that appeal to kids
  • Age-appropriate vocabulary they can understand
  • Brief messages focused on what you are doing and wish they were there
  • Questions about what they have been up to while you’re gone
  • References to kids’ movies, toys, games, or characters they love
  • Funny stories about travel mishaps kids will find amusing
  • Promises to bring home small souvenirs just for them

Sending Thank You Notes on Postcards

Occasion Message Focus Example Wording
Birthday Gratitude, gift reaction Thank you for the thoughtful present! Can’t wait to wear this beautiful necklace!
Wedding Appreciation, reminiscing Your presence at our wedding meant the world. Wishing you as much joy as you brought us!
Holiday Recap gift use, well wishes The cookbook is fantastic – we can’t wait to try the recipes! Wishing you a wonderful new year.
Hospitality Gratitude, future plans Thanks for hosting us last weekend. Let’s grab dinner soon to swap more stories!

Postcards also make excellent thank-you notes. After weddings, parties, holidays, or any occasion someone did something special for you, jot a quick thank you on a fun postcard with:

  • Expression of gratitude and specifics on what you appreciated
  • How the gift/act of kindness made you feel
  • How you plan to use or enjoy the gift
  • Looking forward to reminiscing over tea/coffee/dinner together soon
  • Hopes they have been well since you last saw them
  • Signing with warmest or fondest wishes

Crafting the Perfect Postcard Message

With so many excellent ideas for friendly, funny, family, romantic, kid-friendly, and thank-you postcard messages, you can spread smiles across the miles to all your loved ones.

Tailor your message to the recipient to craft thoughtful, personalized notes. Share highlights from your adventures, inside jokes, or how much you miss them!

Follow proper postcard etiquette like leaving room for the address, writing legibly, keeping messages concise, and signing your name.

Add the date so recipients understand the context. Double-check adequate postage so your postcard arrives safely.

Then drop your postcard in any mailbox and know you just brightened someone’s day! There’s so much charm in receiving a handwritten postcard from a loved one’s travels.

Now get out there, have an adventure, and spread the postcard love! The tradition lives on.

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